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The Landlord Cometh

price: £1.2
Author(s)Jack Cummins

Born in 1894 in London, Jack Cummins lived in Brighton from 1959. This book was published on the day of his death – 9th October 1981, so sadly, it also becomes his memorial. Jack was a religious young altar boy who worshipped in the Chapel of St. Anselm and St. Cecilia in Sardinia Street, London. As a boy, he played football for Bourne Athletic Club in Holborn, expressing an interest in physical fitness as well as in spiritual matters. As an adolescent, he became a Labour and suffrage activist and a conscientious objector to wartime activity. As an adult, he surprised everyone, least of all himself, by joining the army in the First World War as, paradoxically ‘the only pacifist who took up arms’.

TypeMain Collection
 1st Edition
TeamJack Cummins, Pauline Jones, Lorna Stewart, Alan Scott (cover), Stephen Yeo
PrinterInterimprint, Quebec Street, Brighton
Cover price£0.60
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