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Back Row Brighton

Cinema-going in Brighton & Hove

price: £11.99
Author(s)Amy Riley, Martin Payne and Frank Flood.

Back Row Brighton transports us back to the heyday of cinema-going in the company of those who were there. Alongside evocative archive photographs, names such as the Astoria, the Granada, the Continentale and the Regency are recalled in touching and humorous stories of romance, excitement, grandeur and, occasionally, fleas. Some of these recollections are drawn from QueenSpark's rich archive, others are the recorded reminiscenses of elders of the city asked to recall cinema-going in Brighton & Hove in the 1930s and 1960s.

TypeMain Collection
ThanksStella Cardus, Chris Harrison, Nigel French, Henry Bruce, Tricia Leonard, Tom Sawyer, Melita Dennett, Kevin Bacon, Jenny Hand, Beverley Green, Jennifer Drury at mybrightonandhove.org.uk, Tim Brown, Frank Gray, James Tulley at Kingswest Odeon, Colin Dibley, Debbie Chepstow. Thanks also to Brighton & Sussex Community Knowledge Exchange (BSCKE) at the University of Brighton for funding the Talking Pictures project, some interview material from which was used in this book.
 1st Edition
EditorsSarah Hutchings and John Riches (Managing Editors), Sheila McWattie, Debbie Waldon, Robert Loughrey, Lauren Lumby, Donna Hetherington, Catherine Page, Sarah Windebank, Adam Whitehall, Rosyln Cook, Teresa Cairns and Julie Singleton.
TeamJimmy Anderson, Harry Atkins, Patrick Collins, Raymond (Dickie) Bird, Roy Grant, Peter Groves, Dave Huggins, Len Leichti, John Wall and Young writers from the Little Green Pig writing project (Contributors); Nigel French (Art Director); Joe Luxton, Becky Parnell and Claude d’Avoine (Cover Design); Alice Marshall, Sue Craig, Theresa May, Vicki Williams (Designers); Matthew May and Jen Sanders (Research); Anton Collins, Jamie Sellers, Sarah Cross, Vicky Heape, Teresa Lipson, Catherine Page, Birdie Johnson, Ella Burns, Amy Riley and Janet Holm (Interviewers); Peter Chitty, Geraldine Curran, Mike Lang, Beverley Lee, Billy Lee, Diana Meeten, Bryan Moody and Rodney Patterson (Interviewees).
PublishedOctober 2009
Cover price£11.99
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