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Teatime Tales

The Pavilion Gardens Café Interviews

price: £2.99
Author(s)Harry Hillery, Glenn Stevens, Robin Tulley, Libdsey Tydeman, Peter Oakes, Maxine Badger, Cara Redlich, Iain Cameron Williams, Cecelia Rose, Dorian Vaughan, Karen McMillan, Rob Cohen, Roslyn Cook, Kahn Priestly and Jessica Wallace

The Pavilion Gardens Café, like the Royal Pavilion across the Gardens, is a unique Brighton institution. Throughout the last seventy years, it has offered refreshment, relaxation and a certain kind of charm to tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. The Café also attracts a fascinating clientele of local people, and it is some of their ‘Teatime Tales’ that are featured here for the very first time.

TypeMain Collection
ThanksDavid Sewell, Melita Dennett and Peter Williams
 1st Edition
EditorsSarah Hutchings and John Riches (Managing Editors); Tim Earl, Barry Hewlett-Davies and Kahn Priestley
TeamSteve Dunhill (Designer); Yvonne Luna (Photographs of Interviewees); David Sewell, Lou Taylor, Stephen Musgrave, Ruth Goodall, Maurice Funnell, June Sewell, Richard Porter, John Henty, Peter Stocker, Mark Bredon, Peter Stowell-Phillips, David Sawyer, Geoffrey Mead, Diana Lawrence, Peter Otto, Steve Piper, Alan Wickham, Ray Wright, Paul Levy, David Parker and Douglas Sewell (Interviewees); Christine Briani, Geraldine Curran, Jeanette Eason and Vaska Trajkovska (Interviewers)
Published30 April 2011
Cover price£5.99
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