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Keeping Memories

Rwandans in the UK

price: £8.99
Author(s)Abdou, Appolinaire, Bosco, Beatrice, Jacob James, Leonard, Louise, Medy, Michael and Patrice

Although not strictly a QueenSpark Book, Keeping Memories is in the same genre as Missing the Nile and Bangla Brighton and in keeping with our ethos of covering lesser heard voices and stories. It features memories, photographs, paintings and poems from members of the Rwandan diaspora who have settled in Brighton and the wider UK in which they commemorate the past and celebrate a positive future for Rwandans. The culmination of a project initiated by the Brighton-based Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation (rYico), the book does not attempt to present a cohesive history, an academic analysis or an argument. Rather, by offering the reader a tapestry of personal stories, it emphasises the importance of learning directly from individual experiences to gain understandings of large-scale, complex events.

ThanksWest Midlands Rwandan Community Association, Survivors Fund, Stagestruck, Heritage Lottery Fund, University of Sussex, Jubilee Library, Rich Mix, The Drum, Wiener Library, Oral History Society, Inquit Audio, Penguin Office Services, Women Asylum Seekers Together, Brighton and Hove Black History, Platforma, Refugee Radio, Radio Reverb, Radio Free Brighton, QueenSpark Books, Desktop Display, North Hertfordshire College, Audio Active, Genie Design and Print, Facemedia Group, The Globe, The Loft, Fortune of War, Shirley Murgraff, Jimmy Pattinson, Padmini Broomfield, Rob Perks, Lali Foster, Natalia Skinner, Natalie Teitler, Ana Szopa, Suzie Hayes Fisher, Fiona Courage, Ebou Touray, Ben Rogaly, Jon Mitchell, Gabriella Oakley, Adam McCaskie, Jackie McCullough, Rafael Casarini, Lorraine Sitzia, Hannah Johnson, Patrick Cunningham, Henry Cheshire, Monica Davison, Kati Whitaker, Swapnil Joshi, Martin Lowndes, Megan Belcher, Sarah Evans, Henry Redwood, Sasha Langford, Mary-Jane Burkett, Linda Kalimba, Raymond Buckley, Councillor Bill Randall, Joe Bond, Darren Schwarz, Fiona Naismith, Sofia Kalu, Lucy Bryson, Linda Morrice, Jane Slater, Kasai Masai, Grandpa Abe and Dub Guzzle, Dubconcious, Selecta Scruffi, Roots Garden, Claude Nteye, Richie Phoe, Linos Wengara and Zimbaremabwe Band, Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul, Cosmo Sheldrake, and all those who have kindly made donations to the project.
 1st Edition
EditorsJen McDerra
TeamHouda Davis, Nick Godshaw, Haley Moyse and Georgia Whitaker Hughes (Interviewers); Stella Cardus, Desktop Display (book design)
PublishedApril 2013
PrinterOne Digital
Cover price£9.99
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