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BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel

price: £15.99
Author(s)Jim Holland (art, Chris Hagan); Jon Sapsed (art, Pete Katz); Rosanna Lowe (art, Ottile Hainsworth; Rob Simpson (art, Jaime Huxtable); Jules Craig (art, Rob Simpson); Tim Pilcher (art, Maria Parra); Dr David Bramwell (art, Aneurin Wright); Robin Tulley (art, Kathryn Miller); Tom Johnstone (art, Joe Blann); Tom Harrop (art, Iain Buchanan); Mark Pembrey (art, Adam Moore); Glenn Stevens (art, Emilie Majarian and Collette Tarbuck); Jonathan Stearn (art, Paul Stapleton) and Ottilie Hainsworth (art, Salka)

With nearly 300 years of history, twenty eight writers and artists, and fourteen fantastical tales featuring unheralded characters and true events from the city’s fascinating history, Brighton:The Graphic Novel is a unique collaborative collection. Featuring pioneering drag queens, doomed pleasure gardens, smugglers, arsonists, obsessed inventors, aspiring actors, corrupt policemen, cantankerous barbers, sea swimmers, hands of death and mysterious sea forces, the stories – complete with historical footnotes – will ensure that you never look at Brighton in the same way again... As Bryan Talbot, 2013 Costa Biography Award winner, says: "This is an original anthology of entertaining and intriguing tales, at times funny, chilling and poignant - a mixture of fact and fantasy, told in a wide and refreshing gamut of illustrative styles, but all firmly rooted in the history and culture of Brighton.”

TypeMain Collection
ThanksDorothy Sheridan MBE, Archivist / Author and Trustee of the Mass Observation Archive; Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries, Brighton & Hove; Dr Geoffrey Mead for historical research; John Prebble at Arts Council England and Dave’s Comics, Brighton
 1st Edition
EditorsTim Pilcher
TeamBryan Talbot (Cover design and Foreword), Paul Collicutt (Artists' Mentor and lettering), Stella Cardus (Book layout), John Riches (Project Manager), Sarah Hutchings (Project Co-ordinator), Nicola Benge (Project Assistant)
PublishedOctober 2013
PrinterGemini Brighton
Cover price£15.99
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