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Brighton Trans*formed

price: £12
Author(s)Sabah, Alice Denny, Nick, Ludo Foster, Fox Fisher, Sam Hall, Darcy Heston, Cass Hoskins, Ben, Ruth Rose, Joanna Rowland-Stuart, Sarah Savage, E-J Scott, Stephanie Scott, Rory Finn, Edward, Rebecca Williams, Gloria, Maeve Devine, Luc Raesmith, Reuben, Ezekiel, Eli, Michelle Steele and Kim Curran (Interviewees and Interviewers).
Trans identities are often neglected, re-written or even erased from formal histories. Brighton Trans*formed features, in their own words, the rich variety of Trans lives in Brighton & Hove today; it preserves previously untold stories for future generations, and is a much-needed exploration into the diversity of gender expression within the city.
TypeMain Collection
ThanksRory Finn, Dr Sam Hall, Claire Parker, Stephanie Scott, John Riches, Gerry Holloway, Melita Dennett and Kathy Caton (Steering Group). The Heritage Lottery Fund for funding the project.
 1st Edition
EditorsDr Sam Carroll and Maeve Devine
TeamFoxFisher.com (Book Design); Stella Cardus (Art Director); Rory Finn, Cass Hoskins, E-J Scott and Luc Raesmith (Design volunteers); Juliet Jacques (Foreword); Helen Walker, John Riches, Catherine Page, Esther Gill, Gerry Holloway, Melita Dennett, Ben Paley, Kathy Caton, Maeve Devine and Sam Carroll (Proof-readers); Sharon Kilgannon, Alonglines.com (Photography).
PublishedSeptember 2014
PrinterGemini Brighton
Cover price£15
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