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Hard Work and No Consideration

51 Years as a Carpenter-Joiner 1917-1968

price: £4.99
Author(s)Albert Paul
AbstractThis is the sequel to Poverty, Hardship but Happiness. Brightonian, Albert Paul, left school at the tender age of fourteen and began work as a carpenter, rising from the position of apprentice to that of master craftsman. Albert remained in his job throughout his life, in an era when people usually continued to work for one employer throughout their working lives. This second book vividly describes how he supported his family during his working life as a carpenter/joiner in Brighton from 1917 to 1968. His hard work and commitment throughout his career, which lasted fifty-one years, is an example to us all. This book was written in 1975, one year before the author died.
Rare book
TypeMain Collection
ThanksMr Back, John Barrow, Jan Bates, S J Corall, Penny Dunne, David Evans, J S Gray, Eileen Hollingdale, Andrez Jackowska, Molly Morley, Robin Murray, Ursula Rohde, Raf Salkie, Nesta Saunders, Liz Scatchard, Clare and Judy Shepherd, Eileen and Stephen Yeo
 1st Edition
TeamTerry Dearlove, Barbara Einhorn, Carolyn Jacobs, Frances Murray, Chana Salkie
PrinterKensington Press, New England House, Brighton
Cover price£0.70
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