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Brighton on the Rocks

Monetarism and the Local State

price: £4.99
Author(s)QueenSpark Rates Book Group
AbstractPublished in 1983, this book was intended to be the first of a new series, but is the only one that was eventually commissioned. It incorporates a collection of interviews, photographs and statistics, which are used to analyse how monetarism affected the economic policies that were pursued by the city’s local authorities in the 1980s. When local councils imposed financial cuts from 1980 onwards, they argued that the cuts were necessary because of overspending. This text takes the view that monetarist policies are implicated in the decline in public services and critically evaluates the effects of monetarism on working people’s lives, organisations and throughout the welfare state. It poses the question as to whether a different kind of economics was needed that was geared to need rather than to monetarist philosophy?
Rare book
ThanksCaroline Archer, Pete Cheek, Gillian Collins, David Evans, Bob Golby, Ken Hogg, Celia Mather, Marika Murray, Fred Netley, Martin Oliver, Gillian Scott
 1st Edition
TeamOliver Le Brun, Michael Dunne, Penny Dunne, Barbara Einhorn, Adelaide Fortin, Ursula Howard, John Kieffer, Don Mather, Frances Murray, Sue Stevens, Stephen Yeo
PrinterRussell Press Limited, Bertrand Russell House, Gamble Street, Nottingham NG7 4ET
Cover price£3.95
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