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Who Stood Idly By

Poems and Cartoons

price: £4.99
Author(s)Alf Johns
AbstractPublished in 1984, this is a book containing humorous and political poems and cartoons intended for an adult audience. Satirical and witty, exhibiting a wry, often black sense of humour, the subject matter centres around the politics of the government of the day, in particular the policies pursued by the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet. Written by a retired hospital porter, Alf Johns highlights the failures of Thatcher’s government in the 1980s and early 1990s. Alf believed in socialism, which he described as ‘the language of peace and economic success’ and of particular concern to him was the topic of anti-nuclear disarmament.
Rare book
TypeMain Collection
 1st Edition
TeamAlf Johns, Kate Cornwall-Jones, Alistair Thomson, Frances Murray, Ursula Howard, Pepper Moth, Fi Graham, Barbara Einhorn
Cover price£1.50
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