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One Camp Chair in the Living Room

A Woman’s Life in Rottingdean

price: £4.99
Author(s)Margaret Ward
AbstractBorn in 1916, Margaret Ward describes her life as a ‘winding lane’ because of the many twists and turns it has taken. Her autobiography describes her childhood in Rottingdean, growing up amongst a loving family in the picturesque Sussex seaside village. For Margaret, ‘nowhere in the world is there such a lovely place’ to grow up. Her story moves from childhood, through adolescence and working life to her eventual retirement. She recounts the inevitable good and bad times that she experienced, in her story of family life in a close-knit community of a trusting bygone age, when villagers knew and trusted their neighbours, and could leave their doors open or let their children roam freely outdoors.
Rare book
TypeMain Collection
ThanksGraham White, Lauren Devoy, Piran Montford, Selma Montford, Louise Johnson, Peggy Eaton, Alistair Thomson, Rachel Lickiss
 1st Edition
TeamMarion Devoy, Julie Everton, Erica Nanes, Tom Cahill, Margaret Ward
PrinterFaulwood and Herbert, 38a North Road, Preston Village, Brighton
Cover price£1.95
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