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Back Street Brighton

Photographs and Memories: a sequel to Backyard Brighton

price: £10.99

Originally produced in collaboration with the Lewis Cohen Urban Studies Centre, this is a sequel to Backyard Brighton incorporating photographs taken by the Environmental Health Department in the late forties and early fifties of houses in Brighton that were scheduled for demolition in the fifties and sixties. Each photograph is accompanied by reminiscences of families who lived in the houses which, unlike the narratives in Backyard Brighton, are generally positive - with many people expressing fond memories of the era and viewing the demolitions as a beneficial experience for the area. The book provides an interesting historical account of 'slum' clearance for residents of Brighton and any other readers who might be interested in the architectural and social history of the city.

TypeMain Collection
 1st Edition
EditorsJane Tyler
TeamGeorgina Attrell, Brighton Borough Council Environmental Health Department, Jacqueline Connatty, Paul Eardley, Denise Francis, Michael Hayler, Richard Knapp, Peter Messer, Selma, Alice, Dicon, Piran & Sukey Montford, Elfrida Oldfield, Alistair Thomson, Jacky Watts
PublishedOctober 1989
PrinterFaulwood and Herbert, 38a North Road, Preston Village, Brighton
Cover price£3.95
 2nd Edition
TeamQueenSpark Management Committee, University of Brighton, Desktop Display
PublishedNovember 2007
PrinterHG Graphics (Hastings) Ltd
Cover price£10.99
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