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The Town Beehive

A young girls lot in Brighton 1910 - 1934

Author(s)Daisy Noakes

This was first published in 1975 and was so popular that it quickly sold out. Brightonian, Daisy Noakes, tells her story from the age of fourteen, when she went into service. She gives us an insight into the life of a woman born and brought up in Brighton. Daisy documents – with humour - her inevitable trials and tribulations in the often physically demanding world that she inhabited during her working life. The autobiography covers her childhood, as one of a family of ten, living in Prince’s Road and Vere Road, and her working days in service in different parts of the town. This is a special insight into Daisy’s world and is a shining example of true grit and fortitude!
Rare book

TypeMain Collection
 1st Edition
TeamDebbie Bernstein, J Clerk, Penny Dunne, Barbara Einhorn, Terry Gravett, Pauline Jones, D Kaplan, Frances Murray
PrinterBlack Wedge Press, 2 Gloucester Street, Brighton
Cover price£0.30
 2nd Edition
TeamC Adelaide, Debbie Bernstein, Mary Ferriter Boakes, Jean Clack, A Clavane, C Dalton, Penny Dunne, Barbara Einhorn, B. Eve, Terry Gravett, Pauline Jones, D Kaplan, C Meredeen, A Miners, Frances Murray, P O’Reilly, Nick Osmond, Ursula Rohde, Liz Scatchard, B Wrench, Eileen Yeo,A Miners
PrinterRussell Press Limited, Bertrand Russell House, Gamble Street, Nottingham NG7 4ET
Cover price£0.45
 3rd Edition
EditorsAndrew Grant
TeamCarmel Kelly, Hazel Marchant, Al Deakin, Danny Birchall, John Sitzia
PrinterSeeprint Limited, Ship Street, Brighton
Cover price£2.95
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