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Writers Reign

An anthology of poetry and prose by QueenSpark Writers

price: £4.99
Author(s)QueenSpark women writers
AbstractWriters’ Reign is an anthology of creative writing that is the product of three Queenspark women’s writing groups that were set up in Brighton and Hove. It is the result of an interactive process that can be seen as ongoing rather than complete and contains a multitude of thoughts and ideas that are expressed in many ways; ranging from the amazing to the farcical, from the cynical to the most tender interpretations of perceptions and emotions. It reflects, in the shape of poetry and prose, the way the writers see their worldviews and through their experiences, it provides a window into their imaginative worlds.
Rare book
TypeMain Collection
ThanksJulie Everton, Karen Medlyn, Selma Montford, Nick Osmond
 1st Edition
TeamLeila Abrahams, Jill Donocick, Irene Donald, Carmel Kelly, Arthur Thickett, Tom Woodin
PrinterDelta Press, South Wing, Level 1, New England House, New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GH
Cover price£3.90
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