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Daring Hearts

Lesbian and Gay Lives of 50’s and 60’s Brighton

Author(s)Peter Dennis, Beccie Mannall, Linda Pointings
AbstractThis is a collection of life stories of people who are members of the gay and lesbian community in the Brighton area. The book is based on taped interviews with forty lesbian and gay men who spoke openly about their lives in and around Brighton. In the fifties and sixties the town enjoyed a national reputation as a haven for gay people and it was viewed as a relatively tolerant place for people to visit and live. Lesbians and gay men came from all over Britain for holidays and to settle down. Brighton was considered a type of ‘Eldorado’, a promised land, and this tradition remains today, where its thriving gay community is one of the largest in the country, outside London.
TypeMain Collection
ThanksBrighton Ourstory Project
 1st Edition
TeamAnnie, Carol, Hilary, Monica, Dani Ahrens, Peter Burton, Clare Caardus, John Cockerill, Melita Dennett, Andy Fisher, Carmel Kelly, Arthur Law, Lil and Mike Lloyd, Ken McLaughlin, Sue May, Nick Osmond, Tony Stuart, Ruth Sykes, Jo Taylor, Al Thomson, Matt Williams
Cover price£5.95
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