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To be a Farmer’s Boy

Author(s)George Noakes

This tells of George Noakes’s childhood and early adult working life before he married Daisy, author of The Town Beehive and The Faded Rainbow, in 1934. George reminisces about his childhood farm memories and forays to the local shops and surrounding areas; for example, when he visited the local bakers, he always knew that a sugar bun would be given to him. When he was old enough to be trusted outside, he ventured everywhere. In short, he had an idyllic childhood, in an era where children had much more freedom to roam – without today’s safety worries – and he progressed from a boy into a happy adolescent and adult.
Rare book

TypeMain Collection
 1st Edition
TeamDebbie Bernstein, Daisy Noakes, Joyce Smart, Robin Thornes, Natalie Wexler, Eileen and Stephen Yeo
PrinterKensington Press, New England House, Brighton
Cover price£0.30
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