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From Circle to Spiral

A writers’ handbook and anthology

price: £4.99
Author(s)AB, Sarah Griffiths, Lorna Jones, Kate Mackrell, Jane Malone, Maria Ragusa, Pippa Scott
AbstractFrom Circle to Spiral is about the enjoyment of the writing process and the personal satisfaction that can be gained from it. It reveals the insights that creative writing can bring and also provides a useful, practical guide to a method of working that may be helpful to budding writers. The reader is taken on an exciting journey of self-discovery, examining themes that are grouped in terms of paired dichotomies, such as 'hedonism and abstinence', 'excitement and serenity', 'independence and intimacy' and 'shame and pride'. The product of a QueenSpark writing group consisting of seven women who spent two hours per week exchanging ideas and writing together in a mutually supportive environment, it can be viewed as a testament to the positive benefits that can be gained through the medium of creative writing.
Rare book
TypeMarket Book
 1st Edition
TeamAB, Danny Birchall, Lorna Jones, Sara Llewellyn, Jane Malone, Russell Nall, Arthur Thickett
PrinterSeeprint Limited, Ship Street, Brighton
Cover price£2.00
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