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Take Him Away

price: £4.99
Author(s)Ron Piper

This adventure begins with Ron Piper, as a boy of seven, clambering around bombsites looking for shrapnel and ends with his appearance in the dock at The Old Bailey, as a notorious career criminal. It is a powerful wartime record of the author’s steady progress towards a life of crime in war-torn East London. Ron’s unique style and humour convey to the reader the tribulations of his life, as well as describing the deep camaraderie, friendship and mischief that he shared with his companions and fellow felons. Full of vivid memories and colourful characters, it’s a compelling account of one man’s life history, which also conveys a vivid picture of the social history of the time.

TypeMain Collection
ThanksKaren Bolton (Library Manager at Lewes prison), Jean Edgar, Russell Nall, Harry Nicholson, John Speet (Prison Officer)
 1st Edition
TeamLorraine and John Sitzia
PublishedNovember 1995
PrinterDelta Press, Hove, Sussex
Cover price£4.95
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