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Alt Future

price: £3.49
Author(s)Josie Darling, Charli Gunn, Tony Spiers, Sharon Zink, Tim Lay, Michael Tait, Pat Bowen, S. Lewis Silverswood, Amy Riley, Robbie Smith

A companion work to Alt-History, this book is the result of a competition held to encourage people of all ages to think creatively about the city’s future. The entries were judged and edited before publication, and include a vision of text-messaging in 2045, a description of how 'Zero Tolerance' might operate on the city’s streets in the not-too-distant future, through to a sci-fi 'DownsLand Experience'…

TypeMain Collection
ThanksSheila McWattie, John McPherson and Linda Verrall, who gave valuable editorial feedback
 1st Edition
EditorsPeter Oakes
PublishedFebruary 2006
Cover price£6.99
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