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New Writing

New Writing

QueenSpark Books is no longer able to accept submissions for writing which fall outside our current projects.

QueenSpark Volunteer

Brighton Trans*formed participant

Brighton Trans*formed participant

Brighton Trans*formed participant

Brighton Trans*formed participant

Charlesglync ???????glyncCM
Nice girl

Elaine Akester
Supporter and developer of art in the community

J Ali
Creative and positive about things, enjoying the simple pleasures of pen and paper... :-)

Bill Allerton
Small, in-house publisher of the diiferent, the intriguing and the deserving of overlooked literature.

angela angel

AntonioTah AntonioTahGT

Felicity Armstrong
I have been living in Brighton since 2013, and lived in Kemp Town in the 1960s.

Darren Barnett
Contributor to The Deckchair website

Carina Barnett
Contributor to The Deckchair website

Jane Beck
Writers learn to write by writing.

Nicola Benge
QueenSpark Books Administrator

Dr Bramwell
Creator of Cheeky Guides and Catalyst Club

bRobertD bRobertDTC
Nice girl

Simon Brown
Hello...i have a sense of pride to include myself in here....

Andrew Buck
Portslade boy - Worthing man

Paul Buetow

Gavin Byman
Writer, Artist, Art Historian.

Stella Cardus
Brighton based designer

Steve Carter
Born Brighton 1964

Suchitra Chatterjee
Boudica - Wheelchair Queen

Sally Clark
Adore the english language. Love writing poetry and reflective accounts.

Jason Clifton
Town-dweller, occasional writer...

Graham Cooper
Retired Consultant Engineer in the Waste & Recycling Industry

Jules Craig
Local actor, Writer and Voice Coach

Melita Dennett
Chair of QueenSpark Books

Alice Denny
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Maeve Devine
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Gill Ditch
Lover of Brighton's History

donna emmerson
born in brighton 1962. very interested in local social history

Joe Evans
Illustrator/Animator/drinker of tea

Marco Filangieri
Italian foreign languages student. I love food and travelling!

Rory Finn
Brighton Trans*formed participant

David Fisher
Contributor to The Deckchair website

Fox Fisher
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Ron Fitton
semi retired civil servant resident in brighton over 40 years.

Nick Fleischmann
Researching into Flinn family

Ludo Foster
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Esther Gill
Management Committee Member

Bob Glaberson
Bob Glaberson

Nell Grey
Author living in Brighton

Natasha Gross
Photo researcher

Ottilie Hainsworth

Sam Hall
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Ines Harrison
Brighton and Hove resident

Tom Harrop
English Literature Graduate

Vicky Heape
I'm an unpublished writer

Geoff Hellman
Lover of Brighton

Victoria Hepburn
Deckchair website editor

Kerry Herbert
Comedy promoter and marketing bod

Kate Herbert-Smith

Darcy Heston
Brighton Trans*formed participant

HildaVog HildaVogRJ
Ask me

Jim Holland
Stand-up comic, writer and shy show-off

Gerry Holloway
QueenSpark Management Committee member

Astrid Holm
YA writer

Jan Holm
teacher, writer and artist

Cass Hoskins
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Sarah Hutchings
QueenSpark Books Creative and Marketing Director

JamesVew JamesVewJF

Jamesvof JamesvofVG

Tom Johnstone
Tom Johnstone, horror and comedy writer

Brad Jones

Georgina Jupp
Pensioner very interested in old Brighton

Rosanna Lowe

Jane Lucas
Excitable writer and teacher seeks imaginative adventure.

Nicola Manning
I write stories to make you nervous.

Susan Maxwell Stewart
i am a radio presenter, writer, juggler and carer

Sadie Mayne
Freelance editor and writer

Jane McKie
Writes a lot of poems, loves writing, reading, cinema, graphic novels...

Markosia J. Merrymake
Writer, catalyst, philosopher and lover of music.

Jo Mortimer
Writer and QueenSpark volunteer

Steve Myall
Author of the book 'The Victorian Development of the Clifton, Montpelier and Powis Estates of Brighton

anne-sara odor
volunteer grange art gallery organiser, rottingdean

sam oliver
student of historic carpentry.. Carpenter.

Jacqueline Paizis
writer & tutor

Sandip Parar
Software and web developer

mili patel

Mark Pembrey
Writer and artist based in Brighton.

Kahn Priestley
Writer | editor | proofreader

Andrew Quick
Budding young writer and proud geek.

Luc Raesmith
Brighton Trans*formed participant

John Riches
QueenSpark Books Development Director

Robertral RobertralFY
Ask me

RodneyamOva RodneyamOvaUD
Ask me

Helen Rogers
Historian teaching at Liverpool John Moores University

Ruth Rose
Brighton Trans*formed participant

nik rose

Joanna Rowland-Stuart
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Natascia Sakamoto

Sarah Savage
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Stephanie Scott
Brighton Trans*formed participant

E-J Scott
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Jon Shepherd
Writer. Artist.

Jen Sheppard

Donald Shier
Brighton resident - dabbling in community radio

Rob Simpson

Jan Smith
57yo Brighton born woman with cerebral palsy.

Martin Snow
Reasercher in IA & Local History

nikhil soni

Roz South
Photographer and picture editor

Michelle Steele
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Glenn Stevens
Forty something writer, long term resident of Brighton, fan of urban gothic fiction

Sally Thacker
Resident of Hanover

Jane Traies

Robin Tulley
A lifelong resident of Brighton & Hove, I have turned to writing to celebrate the city.

Robin Tulley
retired aged 74 enjoy creative writing and poetry

Norman Turrell
Long-time lover of Brighton

Nisse Visser
Novelist using Sussex/Brighton settings

Vicky Waters

Sarah Way
31 year old mother currently studying English Literature at the University of Brighton.

Saskia Wesnigk
Writer, translator, theatre director

Rebecca Williams
Brighton Trans*formed participant

Jake Wilson
Unpublished writer.

james woolley

Paula Wrightson
Venue Officer at Preston Manor

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