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Peter James

By Carina Barnett

Peter James

Peter James was born in 1948 and educated at Charterhouse. His passions include planes (he used to own a WWII B25 bomber) and cars - the Aston Martin is his favourite - and he holds a British racing driver's licence. Peter is a keen sportsman who runs daily and enjoys golf and ski-ing. He was once selected to train for the British Olympic team, but his parents wouldn't allow it as he was still a teenager.

Peter is sometimes compared to Stephen King in terms of subject matter and in the volume of his output. He believes strongly in embracing new technology and warns that books will die out if they do not keep pace with the advances in digital media.

He is fascinated by the paranormal and believes a home he once owned near Ditchling, which was built on Roman ruins, was also inhabited by four ghosts. He now lives near Lewes.

Peter's latest book: 'Looking Good Dead' was shortlisted for as Crime Thriller of the year in the British Book Awards 2007. To read an interview with Peter click here.


'Getting Wired '
The first book in his series of Technoterrors stories for children, which shows his passion for new technology  - he describes it as 'a sort of Famous Five get on the Internet'

Sally Donaldson dies mysteriously and her coffin is opened so that the death can be investigated. Reporter Kate Hemingway becomes intrigued by the story and discovers some research on life after death, which may help uncover the truth.

'Sweet Heart'
Charley and Tom move into a beautiful new home - but Charley is certain she has been there before and she finally needs hypnosis to help rid of of this conviction. But will it make things better - or worse?

Sam has a dream when she is a young girl and on that same night, her parents die. When she is an adult the dreams come back and appear to be coming true again. So she is very afraid now, especially when the dreams start warning her of her own death.

A tale of how the past never really leaves us and how things which seem like random chance may, in fact, have much more behind them and the motto Non Omnis Moriar - (I shall not altogether die)  takes on a new significance.

A mother visits a medium in desperate grief after her son is killed, but soon realises that she did not really know him at all and the hauntings that start happening may mean that her own life is at risk.

A novel on A.I (artificial intelligence) and the attempts to use this new technology to overcome death. This was the the first ever electronic book, put on floppy disk in 1994, 24 hours after the author first suggested to his publishers that this might be possible.

About Bendix Schere, 'The World's Most Caring Company', which may be behind some mysteriousdeaths, possibly linked to Maternox, their new fertility drug. This was made into a film and shown on Channel 5 in 1999.

'The Truth'
A couple find their happy and successful life collapsing when they  suddenly fall on hard times and risk losing everything unless they come up with £1.5 million. They count themselves lucky when a banker offers to help them, but he has one condition - the wife must agree to become a surrogate mother.

A thriller about psychiatry.

A plastic surgeon is horrified when his wife chooses to go to an alternative therapist for help. He cannot understand why she needs anyone else when he has been the one to keep her perfect for all these years. The question is, what will he do about it?

'Dead Simple'
The first in the series featuring DS Roy Grace and set in and around Brighton. His research for this book included spending time in a mortuary and alongside the Sussex police on investigations. The novel embraces the way both conventional and not quite such conventional methods could be used to solve crime in modern times.

'Looking Good Dead'
Book two in the Roy Grace series and featured in the Top Ten Sunday Times hardback and paperback lists, also selling well in supermarkets and at airport and railway outlets. It will be published in America in March.

For more information visit www.peterjames.com

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