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The Wave Theory of Angels

By Victoria Hepburn

The Wave Theory of Angels

Alison MacLeod, author living in Brighton.

The story unfolds across two different centuries, two different worlds. One narrative thread is set in 1284 in France, while the other is set in Chicago in 2001, and both work to explore the mystery and imagination that exists in the world.

In France, Christina is a beekeeper and sister of Marguerite who is the daughter of heretic and sculptor Giles of Beauvais. Christina struggles to keep a secret.

In Chicago, city of towers and home to Fermilab, the world-renowned physics lab, Christina Carver, a daughter of two of Giles Carver, also keeps a secret.

One night a bell rings when a telephone rings, Christina fails to wake, and all six lives of the fathers and daughters, are changed forever. In the days that follow the night, each is forced to confront what is real and what is not in a world that is precarious, relative, and unrelentingly mysterious.

This page was first added to The Deckchair website on 20/07/2006. This also included a interview with Alison MacLeod.

This page was added on 10/06/2011
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