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A Small Search for Meaning

By Norman Turrell

A Small Search for Meaning

The Physics book says I am this tiny, tiny bit of the Universe. I don't really have much to say or much of a voice to say it with from that point of view do I? Looks to me like they are tying more knots than they unravel, very confusing. No answers from science then.

Let's try this, philosophy basics, what do you think, Franklin? This one? Out of the way now so I can get back into the chair. Should have brought all the books over to the table in the first place shouldn't I.

Well, this Enlightenment period seemed all very interesting, but they argue around nothing and I can feel those knots again. Not for me. Let's try History. This is a big book isn't it? Going to be a bit of a scan through.

It's either fighting, Gods or both. I bet Gods were big then. Expect people were looking over their shoulders just in case. So, what does that say to me? Mostly, do as you're told and there will be no problems. I suppose, if I keep my hands clean, I don't have to worry anymore about my silly questions do I? Faith must be wonderful, but I ain't got it.

You never get bored with watching me, do you? Look at those big black eyes. Looking into them is like falling, reaching in to connect. I think if I ever did I'd be lost forever.

People can be like that too you know, Franklin, but not so much when you get older, no. Love is spoilt by all those memories, let alone trying to find someone. I never found it lasted. Guess it wasn't for me.

So, does anything matter? Is that the answer and I can do what ever I like? Something stopped me all these years. I can't say I would really want to do whatever I like, doesn't seem right. Maybe I could have been a bit more daring when I was younger. Not thinking about the past today, that's too easy.

Yes, Franklin, it's time for a walk. Up go your ears, you heard that. Come on then, get your lead. Off he goes. I think it is all the little pieces that matter, not the big picture. Maybe the Physics book had a point.

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Loved the use of the dog that his owner was not alone which gave warmth to my soul and I found this a sweet little read. I wanted to read more and found it most enjoyable.

From Julie
04.05.2013 07:08:19

An interesting condensed exploration into the search for the meaning of life

From Myra Anne
07.03.2012 11:57:40

I wanted to spend a mniute to thank you for this.

From Eagle
22.01.2012 14:39:08
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