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By Norman Turrell


They haven't visited for weeks now. Or is it days? Might have been yesterday. I get so frustrated, my memory is all dreams. Can't keep a hold of them. Slippery fish.

What's that there? Dust! That's what that is. These banisters never get cleaned. Dust everywhere. Wish I could clean again. Used to do it all. Not any more old lady. Not any more.

It looks a long way down to the bottom. It will be alright. Just a little tumble down the stairs. Don't be a ninny.

They will come then. Always come if you have a tumble. They have to. Its the law. I think its the law.

Might have to go to hospital. That will be nice. All clean, no dust there, oh no. And visitors. I hear that if you don't have any they send someone. I wonder if that's true? Be better than here anyway. Can't be worse than here. On my own all the time. Me and the walls. Now Arthur is gone.

Come on now old girl, bit of a push. I'm scared. Shaking. Think of something nice. Think of Arthur. Lovely Arthur. My lovely Arthur.

In Loving Memory of Mary, beloved Wife of Arthur. May they Rest in Peace.

This page was amended on 01/12/2011


It made me fear old age. I felt her loneliness and her painful loss of Arthur.It made me appreciate my youth and care about and respect the lonely widow.

From Julie Lambert
03.05.2013 21:32:24

Sadly true for far too many people.

From Ruth
14.04.2012 10:54:25

So sad, but true I bet for so many.
I love the word 'ninny' brilliant ! Not heard that for ages :)

Was Mary known to you?

From Rosie
14.03.2012 20:00:58
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