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Through the Flames

By Suchitra Chatterjee

Through the Flames
A Police Officer is attending the annual Chattri Memorial event in Brighton. He has no idea that he is about take a journey into the past and into a world he never knew existed. Detective Inspector (DI) Ashley Roth is at the Chattri Memorial to lay a wreath and indulge in a little PR for Sussex Police. But fate is about to intervene in a way that DI Roth could never have imagined.
Meeting Lieutenant Colonel Gurveer Singh and his Sister Parvita at the Dorothy Stringer School, the young Police Officer and his new found friends find themselves party to a long forgotten tragedy that played out in the early days of WW1.
The First World War is raging in Europe. As many men die far from their homes, in Brighton a young Indian Officer Ashok Seth is recuperating in the Pavilion Hospital after being wounded on the battlefields of France.
A young intellectual, Ashok Seth wants his country to be free of the British yoke and so under the guise of fighting for King and Country he takes up arms on behalf of the Empire in order to learn as much as he can about his enemy and their Art of War.
But in Brighton he meets Nurse Judith Cahn, a Jewish Nurse who is drawn to the handsome Indian Jemadar who manages to steal her heart and possibly her soul. Aided and abetted by the droll Baldev Singh, a wily but wise NCO, and a cynical English Orderly Albert Roth, the young lovers cling to the hope that they can be together despite the Army’s best efforts to separate them.
But unknown to everyone Ashok and Judith’s love affair will transcend more than just racial boundaries, ultimately it will create a legacy that will reverberate through time itself, culminating in a Brighton School hall during an exhibition followed by tea and samosas.
For after so many years’ three lost souls are about to be reunited, and only the Dark Mother Kali knows how it will all end…

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Through the FlamesThrough the Flames
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