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The paradoxical truth?

By Simon Brown

The paradoxical truth?

‘Yes my dear…

I must learn the art of being paradoxical, simple but complex, be everything and nothing at the same time.

Be tough, be manly but lean towards my feminine side.

Cry but don’t show my emotions all the time.

Be an active listener, as I know you like to do the talking but I must also do something for Gods sake you want me to take control. Especially when you say I’m being too controlling.

I must also make sure I have your permission to be impulsive and spontaneous. I should be a subservient provider, never tell you your faults but be honest at the same time.

I will not lie to you but God forbid I can’t tell you the truth. I must remember to open the door for you, compliment you, make a bee line for you and ask you out for dinner, woo you, call you beautiful and pay for the pleasure of your company but all the time treat you like my equal who is just a bit better than me.

So too I must be gentle and kind but firm and tough. Allow you your moods and mania but don’t be a fool and let you walk over me. Yes I must man up… but don’t be a man.

I know if I really want to impress you I must try and understand that I am needed but not necessarily wanted. Wanted but not needed. I should be an individual and the person you fell in love with but remember to be house broken and trained and a male version of you.

I must remember, I need to be trained but not too much or I will be called weak and you will have no respect for me.  I must remember, never to have a problem but share my inner insecurities. I must uphold that women are the great unsolved mysteries and that yes means no and no means yes.

Maybe means definitely and that ‘I will give you a blowjob when we get home’ means ‘you’re bloody well coming back from the party early too.’ Everything is not all right when you say I’m fine and no I can’t stay out with my mates when you say ‘yes you can.’ I do recall that that women dress for other women not for me. I must never to look at another woman and you are the most beautiful girl in the world, even though I have not looked at another woman so I can’t really make an honest comparison.

I must nod assumingly when I am dumbfounded and bewildered by your sweet contradictions. Most importantly I must remember to stand on my own two feet but not know where to stand.

'what's that baby..?......ouch!'. x

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