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Enter thy queen with wilful abandonment

By Simon Brown

Enter thy queen with wilful abandonment

“My, my, my...” jeered the Knave of Slave upon the royal stage toward Alice and the gathered crowd in a theatrically contemptuous voice. As soon as his worlds rang out a whip flew from a velvet gloved hand of a veiled majestically poised figure stage left. In the now silence the Queen of Hearts gave a sound of pleasure and laughter that came through the speakers to her surroundings and smiled. The echo of her laughter carried on as fire swept across the stage as she entered the surroundings. The Knave of Slave walked through the fire gestured and apologised to his highness and soothed the stinging across his face mumbling revenge and treasonable deeds to himself. The queen hissed a command to start the proceedings again as the fire went out to which he did clasping the microphone in his hand.

“Good-evening my ladies and your gentlemen, I introduce to you this day, the rightful ruler of your underworld, your deepest and darkest fantasy our majestic leader, the passion feeder, the goddess in a bodice.”

Alice joined in with the crowd who cheered only to be silenced again with a gesture from the knave.

“Impaling spikes she walks upon, upon long slender legs.

Her dress is made from her lover’s skin which still breaths and pulsates with red.

For you know her as the Queen of Hearts the madam of all the tarts and by god don’t piss her off.”

The knave bent over and pulled a horse rein from the black metallic box and put the bit in his mouth. He put the leather straps behind him and the Queen of Hearts took hold. Lowering himself onto the floor from the stage he bent down onto all fours and the queen stepped onto his awaiting back. Blood could be seen as her heels dug in. Two of her entourage cleared a space in the crowd as the silks were paged down from the domed ceiling to her. The Queen of Hearts stepped from his back onto the silks that hung from the domed ceiling. With ease and grace she found her way to the top, gyrating and contorting herself in a myriad of erotic and fantastic poses, each time removing a piece of clothing. At the top she paused and paused and bowed to the whooping crowd below.

“Hooded, clawed, well-educated, demur and righteously kinky.
She’s here to take a soul.
Her presence is tall.
Her presence is all.
So slaves please take a bow.”

Alice stood staring at the queen, frozen as if time was frozen not knowing what exactly was going on anymore.

“Mistress of intrigue, of the love and the pleasure of pain.
You see the secret of life as she calls your name.
She is the silent predator and you will be her prey.
So prey upon your bended knees that she never goes away.

She’s the queen of queens with a storm in her eyes.
And the centre of the universe is right between her thighs.
Her smile is life, her smile is death and she’s got the perfect tongue.
One kiss from this lady and you will forever burn.

Fire walks with her and she eloquently talks with fire.
She is the flame of life.
She’s all that you desire all that you want and need.
So open up your heart to her and she will laugh as she watches it bleed.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” said the queen to her self in a deep husky voice as her silver beauty spot upon her left cheek caught the light and appeared for a second as a miniature star. She ran her talons through her blood red hair. It was difficult to tell where her hair stopped. One would say she had a mane. It mingled in majestic ease with her cold black train, which scooped and swept down to the floor. She unclasped it exposing body and took off and dropped her crown into Alice’s arms. It was woven with small children’s bones. Within it sat a shrunken head with two burning rubies for eyes that seemed to contain fire within.

In front of Alice’s eyes it seemed to disappear.

As the deep base beat started again the queen moved to a fro. With almost one movement she unravelled herself spinning down the crimson silks and landed poised upon back of the awaiting Knave of Slave as he knelt upon the floor. Her high heels embedded themselves even deeper in his back. She asked a member of the audience to hand her the reins and pulled at the bit in his mouth. He walked to this command upon his hands and knees to the stage where her highness stepped back onto its black shiny surface. Turning to the audience she smiled and licked her lips, Alice felt something stir within. Over the next ten minutes the Queen of Hearts seduced and teased the audience, beckoned and rejected participants within her routines of dance and exquisitely erotic cabaret. The follow spot highlighted her presence as her silhouette danced macabre upon the walls. As the music arced in dynamics so too did the heat of her passionate show. The queen now sat upon a raised table that seemed to hover above the stage her legs raised, her back arched.

To all intent and purpose it seemed the Queen of Hearts was straight out of the mass consciousness of the freaks, the converted and perverted and to all intent and purposes, she was, well at least from one of the audience. The lights went out as the crowd around Alice cheered again. It seemed like a life time before the spot lit up the royal highness now cloaked in a crimson hood and cloak. Her leg stood proud from the split in the front of it showing a stocking covered leg. With a large lean forward and a tremendous pout she spoke. “There is no worse pain than the pain of this whip ripping at your flesh.”

A post was wheeled onto the stage with a whole pig strapped to it. The Queen drew back the bull whip from across the stage and with a swift crack its end found the target. The pigs flesh was ripped from its carcass time and time again as the whip dug in. The dynamics in the audience changed to a mixture of fear, wonderment and frenzy as they watched the pig being cut to ribbons. Silence prevailed as the post was wheeled off and brought back empty.

“For if I am the Queen of Hearts then there needs to be an Alice here. I need an Alice. Is there an Alice in here?” She asked knowing full well there was. Alice had no choice but to join her on stage as she was to say under the power of the Queen of Hearts will. Alice took hold of the outstretched and welcoming hand and boarded the stage.

Alice looked deep into the Queens eyes mesmerised and hypnotised within seconds. The Knave of Slave tied her to the whipping post in the centre of stage and backed away putting the bull whip back into the Queens outstretched hand. The Queen pulled the whip back and in the time Alice screamed no it flew across the stage and found its target, Alice. Alice screamed, not in pain but in sure bliss as she had an orgasm. The whip, so it seemed to her audience went straight through. They gasped in disbelief and relief as the Queen rolled up the leather line. With a slight bend she giggled and inserted the handle into her self and walked over to Alice trailing her new tail. The Queen drew a large silver knife from her cloak and cut Alice’s ties. They fell in a heap to the floor and Alice moved forward into her arms. Within the shadows of the cloak their tongues entwined. Alice felt something rise from her chest.

“A part of your soul my dear, just a small customary deposit. Do feel free and visit me sometime. With that Alice was turned to face the crowd who whooped and cheered.

“The mind is so random isn’t it Alice.
Like a child who needs to be trained and controlled.”

Said a voice in her head.

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