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The Archetypal Disciple

By Simon Brown

We are one.

I am two.

You are three.

We are four.

I am the tragic hero kicking down the door.

No more willing than i am able, I have a story to tell. 

For I am the advocate, alchemist and angel.

I am five, for I am chaos.

I am the  cynical anti-hero who makes his own luck by casting his spells.

How did you expect me to live when you made me grow up in hell.

I am six. I am seven and I will not be repenting so you keep your plastic heaven.

I am the loner, the wolf, a catalyst, the dark mentor.

Fallen in your eyes, but continuing, relentlessly through liminality,  upon my path.

I may make you laugh, so laugh, let me be your comic.

I am chronic, but I will never be you, I don’t want to be you.

For you can never be me, so don’t pretend you know me.

Don’t patronize me.

Let me be.

Let me be free.

I am mildly autistic, slightly artistic.

An athlete.

I taste sweet.

I am the avenger, the companion, the seducer.

The hedonist, the healer and liberator.

I am the lover, your martyr, there mediator, and mentor.

You are not my Messiah, my mystic, networker or pioneer.

I am the poet, the priest, your prince, your king.

I am the Lizard King and I can do anything.

But I am not your prostitute, or pitiful queen or saboteur.

I am not your servant, your jester or your knave.

I am the scribe, the storyteller and student.

For you too are a slave.

So I will teach you, beseech you, trick you and seduce you.

Give me your vision and show me your fears.

I am the life in your blood and the pain in your tears.

I am the warrior and I am not afraid.

For I will take my reward if I do not get paid.

But you ask yourself.

What part of you is in me?

Who do you want to be.

Do you really, deep down want to be you?  

Are you too like me the shamen, the laymen, the shape shifter?

Are we the trickster, albeit a fool.

I am animus and way too cool.


I am eight. I am nine,

I am ten and you must follow my Zen.

I come again.


I am the hero, the child, the emperor and authority.


I am eleven.

I am twelve.

I am a circle, I just follow myself, I know myself now.

Do you?


I will wander and I will hunt, I am the death bringer, the shadow singer, I am Babel.

I am Able.

I am the stars that shine in the abyss.

The sun. The moon.

I am the raging winds of the monsoon.

No, I can not show you the way through your depth, through your shadows and into your spirit world.


For you have that wisdom and you can only reach it by going deep, deep down.

Way down into the depth, pass the shadows and the gatekeepers.

Pass the demons and the eternal sleepers.

Go way beyond you fears and temptations, your weaknesses and quirks.

For you need to go, into the shadow lands rather than sitting on the fence looking at us who do and wondering could this be you.      

This page was amended on 06/01/2013
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