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More Poems about My Life

By Jan Smith

My Grandma
My Grandma has 3 sisters and a brother.
My Great Grandma died giving birth to twins.
My Great Aunt Ethel and my Uncle Bill were the twins.
My Uncle Bill is in London.  He was married to Eileen.
My Auntie Ethel lived in Brighton, and then she moved to London.
My Uncle Bill died and Auntie Ethel moved to a home in Brighton where she lived until she died.
I remember when my Grandma took me out to see Peter Pan and we went to the park.
They put me on the swing and I fell off!
I ended up in the hospital because I had cut my left eye.
I remember that day.

My Granddad
It’s his birthday on Sunday.
He died before I was born.
He was in the Navy.
His ship was in Portsmouth where my mum and Aunty Gwen were born.
My Granddad and Great Granddad were down there to see the baby and my family moved to Brighton where my granddad got a job.
My Grandma had 2 babies;
my Auntie Betty and Rosemary.
She had two boys as well but they died at birth.
My granddad died at Christmastime in 1953.
He had Tuberculosis.
I didn’t know my granddad but I would like to have met him.

My Auntie Gwen
She comes every Saturday but yesterday she couldn’t make it because she has the flu.
My sister rang me up to say sorry that she couldn’t come because she has the flu, and she’s been sent back to bed.
Every Saturday she comes on the bus.  She is very brave.  I love her very much.
She is 86 but she still does a lot for everybody.
Everybody loves her.  She is a wonderful lady in my eyes.
She is like a saint
She loves me very much
I am very grateful to her.

In Memoriam
It’s Uncle Charlie’s birthday tomorrow and he would be ninety one.
He was in the Navy at war and in 1955 he got posted to Malta.
Six months afterwards my auntie Gwen went out to live with John and Carol.
They stayed in Malta until Gwen had a baby called Sue.
They left Malta after another year.
When they came back they got a house in Woodingdean.  Uncle Charlie worked as a postman until he retired.  Then he worked part-time as a night watch man and security guard.
The day after a bank holiday on May 7th in 1985 he had a great big heart attack.
The police came up to my auntie’s but she was at work.  Carol and Sue however, had the day off.  They had to go down to break the news to my aunty Jean who was John’s mother-in-law.
It was so sad.  He was a lovely man.
They had the funeral in Woodingdean where he was cremated.  His ashes were put with my mum and grandma’s near Keymer, Ditchling.  He didn’t get to see any grandchildren apart from baby Paul.
Carol later had a baby daughter who she called Charlie after her own dad.
He was very funny, I remember him.
He loved going down the pub every Sunday dinner time to eat his dinner and then he’d go home to bed in the afternoon.
He was liked by everybody; he would dress up as Father Christmas every year and go to all the houses nearby.
He’d do anything for anyone.

In Malta
My whole family went on holiday to Malta.
We went out in a boat and into a watery cave; it was lovely and beautiful and very calm.
We saw a bakery opposite to our apartments.  They had really nice pastry things and it was open every day.
We had three cars and we had to rent three apartments.
On Monday we went to the beach.
It was lovely and hot.
We had a picnic in the sand and sand got everywhere.
I went in the water.
My dad took me swimming.
It was beautiful.
Carol also took all her friends.
My auntie Gwen looked for our friend and when she found her, she cried as we had come all the way just to visit her.
She cuddled me and she cried when she saw me.  She was very poor and her husband had died.
My auntie had known her from the time she lived there too.
Her name was Silvia and we invited her for dinner in a very posh restaurant.
She’d never been there before.
It was hard for her to say goodbye, she cried
I still remember her.
I will always remember that holiday
What a wonderful time we had.

My Sister Sue
My sister Sue is not married but she has been living with her partner John for 23 years.
She’s got 4 daughters with John.
Ruby is only 10 but the other 3 are all grownups.
It was Ruby’s birthday last month.
She had a sleep-over and I gave her £5.
They slept downstairs.
At 1.30 in the morning Sue heard a noise.
Ruby and her friends were jumping everywhere.
She sent them back to bed and she went back to sleep as well.
They started to do it again until nearly 5 in the morning.
Her father had to get up for work at 5 by which time the girls were all asleep.

My god daughter Sophie was christened on an Easter Sunday in 1999.
It was a beautiful day.
The vicar, Father Richard, was the same who baptised Bailey.
Sophie had 3 godmothers; Diane, Carol and I.
We had a party at our house.
There were about 50 people.
My mum had done the catering with Auntie Gwen.
Sophie’s uncle came from America to see her.
Auntie Brenda was there as well, and Grandma Joan and Grandpa John.
We had a big cake.

She is going to be 18 on the 7th of April.
She is not having a party because they can’t find a place.
She might go to dinner with her friends.
I will give her money.
I remember my 18th.
It was a lovely day, and on my 21st I had a great big party and a big surprise.
We were in a hall and my brother John who was in the Air Force came home and came to my party.
I was dancing and somebody turned around.  It was John.
I just burst into tears.
All my family knew Carol whispered something to Gwen and Gwen said “shut up”.

She’s 14 years old and she goes to school at Longhill.
She likes dancing and swimming and watching telly.
Every Friday night she likes going to the youth club.
She also likes animals.
She might be going to Spain in the summer with her Aunty, Uncle and cousin.
She likes Spain.  She’s been there before.
When she gets home from school everyday she likes a cup of tea and a biscuit.
She likes to sleep over at her friend’s.
She is my niece and she has got 3 sisters.
She is Sue’s daughter.

She’s got a lovely red dress which she wore last Sunday at the christening.  She looked beautiful.
Ruby and her mother Sue were very kind to me.
She helped me with the taxi.
She helped me with my food.
It was very kind of her.
She is a lovely person and Carol is too. I am very proud to be a part of the family.
Baby Bailey was a good boy; he didn’t cry when he was baptised.
I am grateful.  It was a lovely day.
Thank you all for helping me.

Carol my half sister
Carol is my half sister.
It was her birthday yesterday.
She was 54, like me.
We get on really well.
She’s married to Ray.  He makes me laugh.
He always teases me but I don’t mind; it makes me laugh.
They’ve been married 17 years on March the 8th.  I remember her wedding day.
It was at Brighton’s Registry Office.  John, her brother, gave her away.
We had a party at her house.  Her friends did the catering for her.
She had one bridesmaid, Sophie.
Ray’s a builder; he does everything.
They have one daughter called Charlie who’s nearly 16.
They have a villa in Spain.  They go there every year, every summer for 3 weeks.
They love it out there.  They take baby Ruby, Lily and Amy but Amy’s not going this year.

Next week it’s my niece’s birthday.  She will be 16.  She is Carol’s daughter.  She’s leaving school to do her A Levels.  She will have to work very hard.  She wants to work with children.  She’s got a big family and everybody will buy her presents.  I will give her some money.  She’s got lovely parents.  They do a lot for her.  She’s going to her prom in July.  I bet she’ll look lovely.  When I was young I didn’t have a prom; I had a tea party.  Everyone bought me a present.  My friends came on Friday afternoon.  I went to a special school, in Chaily, near Lewes.  It was a lovely school; it had a big swimming pool which was lovely and hot.  I went in it every Friday morning to learn how to swim.  After I’d been swimming, I had a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Every Friday, we had fish and chips for dinner.  I will always remember it.  It was lovely.  Every Friday at teatime, I would come home for the weekend.  My parents would pick me up at 6 o’clock and take me back on Sunday night.  I went to that school for 10 years.  It’s not there anymore; they’ve got another building.  It’s a reunion today, but I’m not going, I’ve never been.

She had a doll that she used to take everywhere.
She made me laugh.
She said “I want to go in a buggy!”
Carol said, “No, you can’t!”
 She wanted to go in the wheelchair.
Carol said “No, Janice has to sit in that!”
Louise said, “Put Janice to bed so that I can have the chair!”
She said, “I want to drink, I want sweets!”
 “Don’t be naughty, I’ll go call Frank”, said Carol and then Louise said, “No, no, I’ll behave.”
But she never behaved.
She reminds me of Ruby.

In the Basement
When I was a little child, every Friday night I would go to my grandmas in the basement.
Carol and I would sleep in a room in my grandma’s bedroom.
Carol and I would go for walks along the seafront and we would get fish and chips before bedtime.
My grandma put me to bed; she’d turn out the light and I’d go to sleep.  Once, Carol put the light back on and read to me.  It was a funny story and I laughed a lot and my Grandma shouted, “Will you please be quiet!” but we carried on laughing and mucking around until midnight.
At midnight my grandma was very angry with us and took me into the other room and I slept with her.
In the morning I went back into the bedroom and I got ready for breakfast.  Grandma made porridge, and then we went for a walk by the sea.
At two o’clock my mum picked me up and took me home.
I will always remember my grandma; she was my idol and I miss her being in my life very much.  It was her birthday on the 21st May.
May God bless my Grandma.

Dinner Ladies
My mum was a dinner lady like Auty Gwen.
They were at separate Schools, although
they trained together to be headcooks.
My mum used to work at Rudyard Kipling.
My auntie gwen was at Woodingdean
Primary school.  They both liked it very
Much.  They would start work at
8.30 a.m and finish at 3pm each day.
Gwens own children were there and
So she used to pick them up.  They used to
have a big hallway at Woodingdean School
and my Uncle Charlie used to have Christmas
parties for elderly people and my mum used to help
at them.   Everyone would have a lovely time.
My Uncle Charlie organised the parties and
it was free for everyone
I used to sit in the Kitchen and when it
was ending they used to let me have a ride around and
I would get to meet all the old ladies my dad used to pick
us up afterwards, he was very shy.
My dad was Charlie’s best friend.  When Uncle Charlie died
my dad didn’t know what to do.  They used to go on holiday to
Spain together every year.  When my Uncle died, it bought on
my dad’s dementia.  It was the shock of it.
He couldn’t believe it.
My dad died in 1988.  he got out of his home and got knocked down.
They took him to hospital and then sent him back to the home.
He died at Christmas.  He was also cremated
and his ashes were laid at the beach, as he loved fishing.

He got married in 1982
In September on the 6th
He got married to Linda
It was a lovely wedding
They got married in Stanmer Park in Brighton
They had a party at Woodingdean
Her mum did the catering
They had a bar, everybody came
His best man was Kevin
Who is my cousin
They did everything together
He was like a brother to him
Kevin didn’t have a father
That is why he got so attached to John
He has been married almost 27 years
They are very happy together
They are grandparents now
They have one grandchild
God bless you both

Paul is a proud dad of baby Bailey.
Bailey’s mum and Paul’s girlfriend is called Chelsea and they are very happy together.
Paul’s mum and dad are called Linda and John – John is my half brother.
If Bailey gets christened then I would very much love to go.
It would be in Woodingdean with Father Richards – he is lovely, he did my mum’s funeral.
Paul’s mum and grandma Jean are doing the catering for the party afterwards.
I’m going to get my carer to take me there.  We will go by taxi.
I’m going to give him some money in a card.
Mothering Sunday is when he is going to be christened.
I hope it will be a lovely day.

In April is Baley’s first
Birthday, he will be
1 year old.
It’s Ray’s birthday
As well he has 5 brothers
And his sister, his mum is
And his dad Cliff is not
Very well.  They live by
Eastbourne in a caravan.
They have a lovely caravan
And they have another one
In Southampton, they
Go there every year.
His sister’s name is Beverley
His brother’s name is Birt
Birt is married to Shirley
They have a grown up daughter named Louise. 
I used to baby sit him every Saturday morning. 
She wanted to go to Co-op.

My Nephew
I’ve got a great nephew.  He’s one year old on Monday.  He’s lovely.
He sits on my lap and he doesn’t cry.
He might have a birthday party, with all his friends.
He’s got lovely parents and grand parents.  They’re all going to the party.
I got him a birthday card and some money because I didn’t know what to buy him.
He’ll get a lot of presents.  He’s got two great aunties and one aunty and one uncle.
I don’t know what they’re buying him but I hope he has a lovely day.
He’s got a great-grandma; she is beautiful.
Everybody loves her.  She does a lot for everybody, even me.
She comes to see me every Saturday morning.
If it rains she still comes on the bus.
In the winter, she even comes.
She bought me an Easter egg and a DVD.  She is a very kind lady.
I love her very much.
Every Sunday she goes to church.  A lot of blessings for my aunty.

He lives in Edinburgh
He’s married to Sheila
They’ve got 4 children
Frank, Philip, Brian and Sarah-Jane
Frank Junior and Philip are policemen, they are sergeants.
Brian works in computing
And Sarah works in a bank in America
Frank Junior is married to Julie
They have 2 girls, Katherine and Laura
Philip was married but he got divorced.
He’s got a boy called Jordan who is 15 and is a lovely boy
Brian is married to Karen, who is a cancer nurse.
They have 2 children, Mackenzie and Jessica
I haven’t been able to see them all
But last year Philip came to Brighton for a holiday with Frank and Sheila
They stayed at a farm in the country
In a beautiful house
I went to see them
It was beautiful.

Marion and Frank
Marion and Frank have a lovely house at Poynings.
They have a five bedroom house and a huge kitchen – they are very rich.
Marion used to be a hairdresser up in London and Frank was an actor.
They have their very own villa in Spain which they sub let when they are not using it.
They have one child, a boy called Franklin who like his dad is also an actor.
They have five grandchildren.
I wonder what their Christmas decorations look like.
It mostly looks like a palace, with a great big Christmas tree – I really do wonder what its like.
Once a year they take all the family out for dinner. 
We always go to a lovely restaurant.
I go by taxi and the fare and my dinner is always paid for by Marion and Frank.
So generous.
At Marion and Frank’s home they have small holdings and out back there are horses and chickens.
It is so beautiful, they even have old fashioned lamp posts.
Wow they are so lucky!

Old Bill
He was Marian’s father.
He had a hard life.
He had seven children.
His wife was disabled.
Every year old Bill used to come on holiday to Brighton.
They used to stay in a caravan by the racecourse.
They liked their holidays outdoors.
Marian would come down for a few days and she stayed with us.
Marian used to make me laugh.
She used to do the washing up and tidy up.
She worked in London as a hairdresser where she had 2 shops, but now she’s retired.
They then bought a house like a mansion in payning.
We had a great big party for my grandma’s eightieth birthday there.
Old Bill was there with Hilda his other daughter.
We had a lovely time.

My Grandma and Granddad
My Granddad and Grandma on Dad’s side
They had seven children, 5 girls and 2 boys
My Dad used to take me to go and see them every Sunday
I was only a baby so I don’t remember
My Granddad was Frank
My Dad was named after him
I liked my Grandma
I can’t remember her name which upsets me.
One day my Granddad was very ill, my Grandma gave him medicine and they both went to sleep
My Auntie went into see my Grandparents
She found them dead and she didn’t know what to do
My brother was at home
He was only a young child and my cousin was there as well
They let them move out and move in with my other Grandmother
They both went into the army
They went around the world
They went to a lot of countries which they enjoyed.
And then they both got married
My brother had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl

My Auntie Betty and Uncle Harold
They have four children
Vicky, Christopher, Debbie and Sarah
They are all grown-ups and married
My Uncle Harold was a fireman
One day in the sixties
The Grand Hotel caught on fire
He fell off the roof and hurt his back and his leg
It was a terrible night
His fire fighting days were over
He was in a wheelchair but now he uses crutches
He has had a lot of operations over the years
He is a happy and cheerful man
They have been married for 58 years and have lived in the same house for as many
They are very happy together
They celebrate their 58th anniversary in April
I hope they’ll have a nice day!

Vicky is married to a policeman
He is retired now
They have 2 children; Matthew and Rebecca who are both married
Vicky is a Grandma of 2 little babies
She was very shy when little
She was going to sleep at Grandma’s and she used to cry to come home
But Carol and I never cried
We used to laugh at her; we were naughty
I had to sleep in the other room with Grandma
She was furious
We would laugh at Vicky crying
And pretend to cry ourselves
We laughed a lot and made Kim cry as well
Kim was the youngest
At Breakfast we took her porridge away
She cried and I got told off….again!

Christopher was a fireman at Newhaven
He retired because he became ill
He has 2 children
Lisa, who is married, and Lloyd
Christopher divorced Sandra and got remarried
Christopher and John, when they were little boys
My Dad took them fishing
One night in Newhaven
They were out all night
Christopher fell asleep in the boat
And John helped Dad with fishing
They stopped for breakfast in a café
They had a big breakfast
“Can I have some more?”
“I’m hungry!”
My Dad said, “Have mine, I’ll eat when I get home”.

Debbie is my cousin
She married Paul
He is a hair dresser and they have 3 big children
James, Harry and Poppy
Paul is a taxi driver and he owns his own taxi
They have got plenty of money
They have a beautiful house in Ovingdean
She is very nice, she is happy with Paul
He was her first boyfriend
They got married last year in April
2 days after her mother’s anniversary
I got invited but didn’t go
I sent a gift of cups and plates

Sarah is married to Christian
He is very nice to me
They have 2 children
A boy and a girl
Harry and Madeleine
They used to have a dog but he died
Sarah is a teacher at Longhill
She is very strict
Christian’s father is a taxi driver
He has his own taxi
Sarah and Debbie go on holiday every year together
They are sisters
They go to France to go camping for 3 weeks
It’s great fun and very warm
They go every year
They do everything together
They use to have a dog
His name was Doodle
They used to put him in a pushchair like a baby
They would also dress him up as a baby

Auntie Ro & Uncle Albert
On the 10th June 2009
They will have been married for 25 years
It will also be their sons birthday!
They got married at Brighton registry Office
And the party afterwards was at their house
In the garden, my mum helped with the food
It turned out to be a lovely day
Kim who is their daughter was a beautiful bridesmaid
The weather was gorgeous.  It was a really hot summer’s day.
The honeymoon had to wait, they just had a week-end away in France;
Paris of all places; the capital of romance
Auntie Ro worked at the Royal Sussex County Hospital
Uncle Albert had retired and spent a lot of his time fishing
Yet he always found the time to meet her after work to bring her home.
Albert is now going blind but they are still both very, very happy.

The Northern Tavern
My Aunty Ro used to run a pub called the Northern Tavern in ’68.
She had Kim and Kevin; they were babies.
In the summer of that year, on a bank holiday, my Uncle had a heart attack.
So my Auntie Ro could not run the pub anymore.
My Grandma helped out for a little while.
They moved out of the pub and they moved to Woodingdean.
Kevin was only a baby back then.
Everyday my mum and my Aunty took him to the swimming pool at Rottingdean.
At about 5 o’clock we would all come home and give Kim back to her mum.
I will always remember that time that summer.
In September I moved to my flat and I’ve been there ever since.
I like it here, it brings back memories.

Kim and Nigel
Kim and Nigel work together
They met each other at work
Nigel was a plumber but he’s got his own business now
Kim used to be a teacher at “Keep Fit” in Peacehaven.
They have 2 grown up boys – James and George.
They’ve got girlfriends.
In 1968 Kim’s father died of a heart attack.
He used to own a pub – the Northern tavern.
My Auntie Gwen and Uncle Charlie looked after Kim and her brother Kevin in the day time.
We all used to go swimming in Rottingdean.
It was lovely.
They’d return to their parents at night time.

Kevin is Kim’s brother.
He grew up with a dad.
He can’t talk properly,
Because he had such a shock when his dad died,
But he is friendly and lovely.
He has a loving heart.
When my cousin John got married,
He was the best man.
John took care of Kevin like a big brother would.
Kevin got married to Nicky. They have 2 beautiful boys.
I’m sorry but I can’t remember their names.
He went to work in a garage.
He’s the manager and he likes it very much.
He’s been there a long time.
He is 30 years old,
But for my Auntie Ro he is a baby boy still.

We went camping at Windsor
When we got there it was lovely
We were in a caravan with fourteen people
I was with Mum and Auntie
We had a lovely meal
It was very cold that day
The next day we walked around Windsor
It started snowing
We kept walking around in the snow
But it got heavier and heavier and by next day it was 6 feet deep
We didn’t know what to do
We said, “What shall we do?”
My Uncle said to drive back on Sunday and to take it slow
But we didn’t
The roads were icy and dangerous
My cousin and my brother drove back
It was a nightmare

Little Janice
When I was little I went to Devon
We put a tent up
My Mum and Auntie Gwen asked what we wanted for dinner
We said “fish and chips”
My Auntie said “Your Uncle and your Dad can go and get it”
They left to get fish and chips whilst we waited patiently
It was getting dark
They didn’t turn the lights on
It was getting darker and darker
My Auntie Gwen kept asking
“Where are they? They’ve been gone a couple of hours”
We were getting worried and not to mention hungry
From out of the darkness they came at about 10 o’clock
“Where have you been?”
“We were in a pub”
“Why? Where is our dinner?”
“What dinner? You can have bread and butter”
Gwen was furious!!!

I was on another holiday with all my family in Ibiza
It was lovely
We got there very late
At the airport my Daddy couldn’t find his way back from where he parked the car
Everybody was panicking
My Uncle said he was behind me
He went to look for Dad in the car park
My Dad came back
They were calling out names on the speaker
The flight was delayed
My Dad was cross
When we got to the hotel he was very tired
Everything in his case fell out and a man made a joke
My Dad said “Don’t laugh!”
Then we found out that the man was the manager of the hotel

Children’s Hospital
It was by Dyke Road
It was a hospital for children
It was a very strict hospital
The mum could not stay there
They were only allowed in for two hours each day
No brothers and sisters were allowed to visit
Only 2 were allowed at the bedside
And if there were any more you got told off by the matron
They used to wear big hats and cuffs that were like cardboard and very white.
The doctors came around every morning at 10am
Diner was at 12 noon and the mums could visit form 2-4pm.
They rang a bell when time was up.
I hated it and I cried and cried
But Matron said stop it.
Tea was at 5pm.
After tea you got ready for bed.
You would have hot milk with your tablets.
They put you to bed at half past six and turned out the lights at 7pm.
There was to be no talking, otherwise you got into lots of trouble with matron.

My Mum
She celebrated her birthday the day before my grandma
It was a lovely time of the year; May 17th
Everyone would come to see her
She was a lovely lady.
Her best friend was called Flo.
She lived opposite.
She had a daughter called Maureen.
She was like me, in a wheelchair, she can’t talk.
I called Auntie Flo.  I miss her, she died at Christmas 1999.
Maureen went into a home.
My Auntie Flo loved her grandma because her mum died when she was really young.
We used to go on holiday.
My Auntie Flo took care of my grandma.
She used to invite her for dinner every Saturday, with her sister Aunty Gina.
They had fish and chips.
My Grandma used to buy them all a bar of chocolate to say thank you, and some cream cakes.
My Grandma used to make bread pudding.
She used to bring it over at night all hot, it had just come out of the oven.
My mum used to give half to Aunty Flo and she made rock cakes.
I remember the day.

Philip My Nephew
Philip My Nephew
Lives in Edinburgh
He works as a Policeman
His birthday is one day after my mums!
He is my favourite Nephew
One day when he was a young boy
We went to Scotland
And we took him out for the day
To the Zoo! It was called –
Edinburgh Zoo!!!!!
We took a picnic and we also took his two
Brothers with us
Philip decided that after his lunch he was
Still hungry and demanded “MORE”
My dad said “No its time to feed the animals”
Philip said “hurry up I cant wait”
My dad got angrier and angrier
He has a home of his own now
And is fully grown – he is a lovely man
He came and saw me last year – that was lovely!

Aunty Maud
I remember my Dad’s sister, Aunty Maud
She was married to my Alf
They had a daughter called Ruby
She was their only daughter
She worked at Clark’s
They did lovely sausage rolls
Every time I went to see her
With her mum she gave me a sausage roll
My Uncle Alf died in London – a heart operation
They moved to Whitehawk
And lived in a flat
But my Auntie died
And Ruby died last year
She never married
Nobody went to the funeral
Aunty Gwen was sorry
She was my godmother and Auntie Rose
God bless you all
You are all together

Egremont Place
I used to live at number 7,
I used to live in the basement
It had only one bedroom
This is my first memory
We didn’t have a back garden, we only had a yard
I had two steps up to the kitchen
It wasn’t very big
I remember I had a budgie called Billy
And a canary, but I don’t know what it
was called.  It was a yellow canary
But after my grandma died we
Had 2 budgies and 2 canaries
Every Sunday morning, I would clean
The canaries cages and they would get
To fly around
We outgrew the place though, so we moved
To Woodingdean, to a bigger house
The new house had a nice pretty garden
My step-brother brought me a puppy
It was called Mack it was only a
tiny little puppy and fitted into a hat
I grew up with him.  One day my great
Aunty game to visit us with my grandma,
She said can I take Mack for a walk.
My mum said yes.  So she took him over
The fields and they were gone hours.
My grandma was getting worried
My mum said:
“Don’t worry, they’ll be back”.
Another hour went by and it was getting dark.
So my dad went looking for them.
My dad came back and said:
“I can’t find them”.
Then my aunty came back and grandma said:
“Where have you been?!”
Andy my aunty said:
“I thought Mack knew where we were going”
And grandma said:
“Ethel, don’t be so stupid!  How can a dog know where its going!!!
“You haven’t got time  for tea now,  as we need to get the last bus and
its getting dark”!
So grandma said
“You can’t even have a cup of ea, and don’t ever do it again”!

Great Granddad
My great-grandma had a lot of children.
One set of twins were produced; one girl and one boy.
My Great-Granddad came from a place called Brighton.
Great Grandma came from Brighton.
My Great Grandma died when she was very young
I never met her
Her husband, my Great Granddad, lived to be 88 years old.  Wow!
I never met him either but from what I’ve heard he was a character.
He loved to smoke and drink and he was always swearing
But Great Grandma loved him to bits!
He remarried after my Great-Grandma died but she was horrid.
She gave my Great Granddad 2 more children, one boy and one girl.
The boy’s name was Cyril and the girl was called Maud.
They are both dead now!
But their children are still alive.
All I know is that Cyril married my Auntie Doris.

The Hotel
I remember when my mum was ill.
I had to go in a home.
It was wonderful; it was like a 5 star hotel.
I had my own room with a bathroom en-suite.
I had a little telly in my room.
Every Sunday it was busy.
They gave visitors tea and sandwiches; it was marvellous.
They gave you sandwiches and cake for all the visitors.
When my mum was there they gave her dinner in the dining room upstairs.
They made it all nice and it was all free.
I couldn’t get over it.
I was there for three months.
They were very kind to me.
I made a lot of new friends.
I made a teapot; everybody liked it so I made more; I made more and more and more.
Everybody wanted one.
I did one in every colour; a brown one, a blue one, a green one and a yellow one.
I made a cake every Friday to help them out.
They let me come and go.
When I had to leave; I remember it very well.
It was on a Monday morning.
They bought me a picture of the Beegees.
They framed it and everybody signed it; it made me cry.
My favourite sister gave it to me and I cried.
She had a little dog called Janice.
I used to look after him; he was like my own dog.
I took him in the garden.
The owner of the house had a dog too; I was frightened.
I don’t like big dogs.

They used to do afternoon tea.
They also sold sandwiches and cakes on a cake stand.
You would have your tea from tea pots and there were milk jugs and sugar bowls.
The waitresses wore a uniform; a black dress and a white hat.
In the fifties my Auntie Gwen worked there.
She loved it there.
It had 2 floors.
They worked all day.
They’d work very hard.
In the morning they did coffee.
At dinnertime, they did dinner.
It was very hard work.
It was lovely there.
I went with my mum to meet my Auntie Gwen and my Grandma.
It shut down in the early sixties.
It became a job centre; its never been the same.
I miss Lions.
My Bedroom
Pink and lilac
It has got lilac curtains
It has got a lovely blanket
It keeps me warm every night
It has got pictures on the wall
It has got a big wardrobe
It hasn’t got a door
I have got a hospital bed
I like it
It makes me feel safe
I like being safe
At night I lie in bed
And hear the rain
Beating on the window
It’s nice

My Great Aunt Doris
She was ninety last year.
She is in the Salvation Army; she’s done it all her life.
She’s got 4 boys; Michael, David, Adrian and Philip.
She’s very kind to me.
When I was little she used o take me in the car with her husband; his name was Uncle Charlie.
He was my Grandma’s step brother.  He died of cancer.  I can’t remember when.
He was a school care taker in Commune Road.
Adrian is my favourite; he lives in Eastbourne.  He’s got a wife called Gale and one daughter.
Michael is married to Jan, they’ve been together for years.
David isn’t married.
Philip had been in the navy for 25 years, a long time.
He’s Aunty Doris’ baby; she loves him too much.
When I went to hospital, Adrian came to see me with his wife Gale.
I remember them growing up all together.
Adrian is my age, his birthdays in September and mines in October.

My Great Cousin Adrian
He’s the same age as me,
He was born in September
He’s a very nice man
He’s married to Gail and they have a daughter
He lives in Eastbourne
He has got three brothers
When I was in hospital he came to see me with Gail
He’s very friendly
When I was little
His dad took me out every Sunday in a camper van
This was in the 60’s
His dad used to sing “Tulips From Amsterdam”
It was his favourite song.
Adrian goes to see my Aunty Doris every week
With Gail.

I Love Chocolate
I like melted chocolate. It’s yummy.
I’m on a special diet because I can’t chew.
Everything’s got to be liquidised because otherwise I choke.
It’s horrible; once I nearly died!
I ended up in hospital.
I’m lucky to be alive.
It makes me appreciate life.
Life is precious.
I like my carer.  She is wonderful.
We get along.
Everybody likes her.
She makes me laugh.
In the morning, she makes me laugh.
I have two carers in the morning and two carers at dinnertime, I love them.
I’m very happy this Easter; I’m having a wonderful time writing my poems.
I want to be famous.

My Best Friend
He works at Montague House.
His name is Phil.
He is a lovely man.  He is very funny.
He makes people laugh.
He’s been at Montague House for 35 years.
I used to do pottery there in the pottery room.
I liked making teapots.
I used to make hundreds of tea pots and everybody liked them.
I used to paint them with my head; I used to draw beautifully.
I once made a fruit bowl and a bird bath which I painted orange.
But now I don’t do pottery anymore.

My Grandma
My grandma died on 27th March 1994.
She was a lovely lady; I loved her very much.
She was my idol, she was very poor.
She was a widow at 50 and she remained single; she was very loyal.
She used to work every day, until she was seventy.
She was working for Mr and Mrs Rob as a cleaner,
She liked it very much.
Mrs Rob died.
They had a shop, my mum used to work in it before I was born.
I am very proud of both of them:
My mum and my grandma!
They were like angels.

Auntie Mabel and Uncle Bill
Auntie Mabel was my mum’s oldest sister
She was born on May 1st
Lots of money was something my Auntie Mabel always had.
Uncle Bill was her first boyfriend and she married him
They never had any children
I only know what I do from my mum telling me the story
When my Grandma fell ill my Auntie Mabel took my mum in so that she could help look after Grandma
But my mum cried every day as she didn’t like my Auntie Mabel.
Auntie Mabel treated my mum like a servant; she was very strict!
Every Tuesday night my dad and Uncle Bill would go off for a drink; they were good friends.
They used to enjoy playing snooker and cards
Sadly they are both dead now
Auntie Mabel had a massive operation on her heart and never made it through
That was sad in a way.

My Auntie Ethel
She was my dad’s sister and was married to uncle Frank
I used to go and see him every week
They had two daughters called Vi and Phyllis.
I was a bridesmaid for Phyllis
I wore a pink dress and carried a bouquet
We had a reception at the pub
Auntie Maud and Ruby came down
We had a party in the room above the pub
It was lovely. My dad carried me up on
His shoulders, like he used to
My mum and Ruby went for a drink
I stayed upstairs with Auntie Ethel
I can’t remember what year
But all the people are dead
I remember it well
It was such a lovely day

My Friend Pam
She is my carer
Her name is Pam
She comes here every year on holiday
She is older than anybody
But she is marvellous
She gets me up
She helps me very much
She gets my breakfast
She really takes care of me.
She takes me for a walk
To the park
A lovely park
Its like a village
There are lots of shops with decorations
Like Queen Victoria
Its magic
Very beautiful at night time
I like going there at night
It is wonderful
I like going to the church there
Its beautiful
Its pretty high
When I come back I have a hot drink
In my favourite place.

About Brighton
Trams ran in Brighton between 1901 and 1939.
In 1939 the trams were replaced with buses.
Brighton suffered bombing.
There were 56 air raids, 5000 houses were destroyed.
The West Pier closed in 1975.
The Brighton Centre which is used for conferences was opened in 1977.
The marina opened at Black Rock in 1978.

Uncle Harold
He was a fireman for a while
But he got injured in a fire
It blew him off a roof!
He had injuries to his back
And couldn’t work again
Operations he has had many of them
And he still has more to come – bless him.
He has retired from the brigade
So no more flashing blue lights and a red lorry for him!
My Auntie Betty looks after him in all sorts of ways.
Harold’s son is now working as a fireman
he has followed in his father’s footsteps.

The Great Fire
My Uncle was a fireman in the 1960’s in Brighton.
He put out a really big fire at a hotel,
The Grand Hotel on the seafront.
He was injured in that.
He never recovered and he became disabled.
He is always happy even though he’s in a lot of pain.
He’s 77 years old.
He’s a lovely man.

The Open Market
When I was young, we used to go to the open market.
We used to walk through it.
It used to be packed on a Saturday,
It had more stalls then.
It used to do excellent eggs, ham, bacon and cheese.
It had a café.
Every Saturday we would sit with my grandma, have a cup of tea
And watch the world go by.
People would come up and talk to us.
Before we went home my grandma would push my chair as it helped her to walk.
We used to walk there and back via Baker street.
It was lovely.
The fish and chip shop was still there then and just as tasty.
My grandma used to like that shop.
I used to go in the pet shop and have a look around.
It was lovely.  I remember it well.
Those were the good old days.

London Road
I remember London road.
It used to have a Sainsbury’s.
It used to have a great big Marks and Spencer’s.
It used to have a lovely Woolworth’s.
At the back of Woolworth’s, they had a tea bar.
It sold beautiful sausage rolls – they were out of this world!
They used to do milkshakes. My favourite was chocolate, Carol’s was strawberry and Sue’s was banana.
I never like banana.
They used to have two floors.
It was ever so dark in there.
On the other side there was a big Co-op.
It used to do everything. It was like a department store.
It had five floors.
Co-op had stamps and you would stick them in the book.
If you filled up your book, you could buy stuff for half price.
At Christmas time my mum would use her book to buy a big turkey with Aunty Gwen.
At Christmas they used to keep the shops open late – I used to like that.
They used to light up Baker street and the Salvation Army used to sing carols.
Also I remember there used to be a Bellman’s store where Somerfield is now.

Brighton Marina
It wasn’t always a marina.
There used to be just cliffs there.
My Dad used to take me down there when I was little.
We’d go out in the car and he would make us walk over the cliffs and he’d give me exercise.
We used to go for a drive along to Lewes and back.
We used to come back to pick my mum up –
She was a dinner lady and worked from 8am until 1.30pm.
This was at Rudyard Kipling school in Woodingdean, where she worked for 25 years.
Her best friends, Anne and Barbara worked there too.
Barbara’s husband taught my mum how to drive.
His name was Joe and he was a driving instructor.
He was a nice man and ever so kind.
They had a lot of children, but I can’t remember how many.
They used to live next door to Aunty Rose.
My aunty got married to a man called Albert.
It will have been 21 years ago on June 10th this year.
They had a party in their garden when they got married.
It was a lovely day, it was also Kevin’s birthday.
But now Kevin is also married, to a lady called Nicky and they have got two nice boys.
They are very happy together.

Uncle Albert
Albert is married to my Aunty Rose.
Aunty Rose has a birthday on December 1st.
Auntie Rose is my mum’s youngest sister.
She has two children and four grandchildren, who are all boys.
The oldest boy, James, is 21 years old and he has a brother who is 19 years old called George.
They live in a town called Peacehaven.
They work for their Dad doing car valeting.
Kevin is Kim’s brother and he has two little boys, but they go to school so I don’t see much of them at all.
They live in a place called Worthing.
They will be having a tea party for my Aunty Rose so that she can celebrate her birthday –
I’m sad that I am not going but I have not been invited.

My Cousins Carol and Ray
Carol and Ray have a house in Spain
Where they go on holiday
They go there for a week
In the summer they go for three weeks
Now they have brought the house
When they go to spain the house is one hour
Drive from the airport
It is lovely
They even have a swimming pool
And they eat out every night
It is wonderful
Carol likes to drink vodka
She is lovely
She gets happy
Her brother has a villa in spain as well
Right next to hers
I want to buy one for her sister
This is why I write the poems
So I can buy her (Sue) a house
Its my dream!

Bear Road Hospital
It started life as a T.B hospital in the early fifties
My grandad had T.B
T.B was very bad in those days
Its was an isolating hospital,
Nobody was allowed visitors
They had visitors for an hour
My grandad had T.B and he was only 50
And my grandma nursed him at home with my mum and aunty
They were married.
My aunty had a little boy
She called him john
She could not look after him during the day
He took over at night
She waved to him through the window
He started crying for his mum
Then my uncle took him back home
And it upset him very much
On December 29th he died
It was a bad Christmas for everyone.

Twenty Years
On the 22nd it will be twenty years since my dad died
I will never forget that day
My mum had been to see him with my auntie Gwen in the nursing home
I was left behind with my auntie Flo
When my mum and auntie got back my auntie came over
And I thought “that was strange”
My auntie Flo asked how “Frank is” and she shook her head
In the middle of mum making the tea the phone rang
It was the nursing home
They said “I’m very sorry, but Frank has passed away”
My mum rung my Auntie Gwen and told my great grandma
I didn’t want my tea that night as I was far too upset to eat anything
My mum rang my step brother and in those days everyone came down
Even my best friend and I broke down in tears
He was cremated on January 6th 1989 at the downs Cemetary.

Old John
He works down the Saturday market every Saturday morning.
He’s a very nice man, he’s very kind.
He’s like Steptoe, he works with his son.
They’ve got a shed where they keep stuff.
I don’t know where it is but it is in Brighton.
They sell everything.
It’s like a big jumble sale, they keep it open till two o’clock.
They sell furniture and deliver on Sunday.
They work long hours 5.30 in the morning till 20.00 at night, every Saturday in the rain, snow, all weathers.
He’s very brave and very kind.
When I was in hospital Sue came in to see me.
I said “Who’s babysitting Ruby” she said “her granddad John”.
“Will Ruby behave herself?” I said.
“I heard that she didn’t behave herself and she ends up squabbling with her sister, Lily, they will be quiet for a little while”
Grandad said “If you don’t behave yourself, you can go to bed”
“Alright Grandad! Alright”.
They argued some more so he said “go to bed!! I want some peace,
I’m trying to eat my dinner.
I’ve been working all day, and I want a bit of peace and quiet now go to your room!!”

My Sister Carol
My sister Carol has been married 18 years today.
They got married in the registry office in Brighton.
I went there by bus with family and friends.
It was her brother John who gave her away.
She had one bridesmaid, who had two little boys.
One Paul and the other Sean.
She had a party at home.
Her friend did the party.
It was a lovely day
She had pictures taken in the pavilion.
It was lovely; I will always remember that day
It was sad because her Father wasn’t there to see it. He died.

The Christening
I went to a Christening in Woodingdean
At the holy cross. It was my great nephew.
It was a lovely day.
Afterwards we had a party at the bowling club in Woodingdean. All my friends
And family were there. It was a lovely day.
My carer took me to the christening and party. It was a great day.
My great niece Ruby wore a lovely red dress, it was a lovely dress.
I also saw my god daughters Lisa and Sophie.
We got back late for my carer but he didn’t mind.
It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Nice Afternoon
I had a nice afternoon
With all my friends at Montague House
It was a laugh
Dominic did a quiz
I enjoyed it. I won it for the first time
I didn’t cheat, but I nearly did.
Dominic told me off.
He said “Don’t do it again.
But if you do, I’ll take you out of
The room and you won’t come back!”
I laughed at him
And mucked him around.
I like winding up Dominic
It gives me pleasure!
But its all a laugh, he takes
It as a joke.
He’s very kind
He’s like my brother in law Ray
He’s always teasing me everytime
I see him. I like that
He goes away tomorrow for a week.

Brighton Station
I remember when Brighton’s
I remember going up to Brighton station. It was packed.
I like going on trains. I remember the steam trains.
You sat in a little carriage full of people.
You could get a cup of tea on the train.
You could get a waiter to bring you it.
He brought it in – a teapot on a tray with a milk jug
It was beautiful.
Not like today when you have to pay for a cup.
Its too hot today and the train is packed and you’re all squashed in like sardines.
People sneeze and breathe on you, you don’t know what they’ve got,
Its very dangerous.
You could get murdered on a train, you could get cut by a knife.
People could attack you and might hit you and rob you.
Its very dangerous. I don’t like it.
You shouldn’t drink everyday, some people do.
You shouldn’t go to the pub all day.
Crime is going up and the prisons are getting fuller.
They’re bursting at the seams. They can watch telly in prison
And play games. And we’re paying for it.
Prison’s like a hotel, you can do what you like, eat
What you like. It’s a joke.
You get 3 free meals everyday. You get pocket
Money to buy whatever. Not like the poor people who
Don’t get enough to live on. They have to pay for childcare.
I think that’s all wrong. People are not very nice and
They take their money away. I don’t like young people making me happy.
People are left to die in hospital its not very nice.
They are very vulnerable.  They are left to die in peace and
Happiness. For ever and ever their families by their bedsides and
Hold their hands, that’s lovely.

Brighton Pier
In Brighton pier it’s nice.
I’ve been to Brighton pier, it’s a nice pier,
It’s very busy next week, it’s a bank holiday, everybody
Goes to the pier. They get fish and chips and candyfloss
And hot dogs. They’ve got a beer bar night down the bottom.
It’s open all day and every day. They’ve got a big clock there,
Its like big Ben and it lights up at night in the dark.
They’ve got a fayre and baby rides at the bottom of the pier. Its lovely.
They’ve got people fishing all day. They’ve got seagulls.
They steal the food out of people’s hands. It frightens the children.
They don’t know what to do. They cry.
They’ve got the bumper cars and teacups. Its lovely.
They go for hours and hours on the pier.
Its name is Brighton pier.
There is another pier but it all burned down in the 70’s.
Its was called the West pier. It was 100 years old but somebody
Burned it down. They tried to mend it but it went wrong and they didn’t
Have enough money to mend it. It fell in the sea.
I remember it going down.
 My Dad took me when I was a baby in a pram
I can’t remember it going down. They say it had a theatre on the pier and a tea dance
Every afternoon. I don’t remember.
Now there’s only one pier in Brighton since the fire.
It had a little fire but it was alright. The fireman put it out.
I remember that.
The fire was only a baby one. The people that set it were drunk.
Its not very nice to do that.
People getting drunk isn’t nice.

Peter Pan
I remember going to Peter Pans every year
It was lovely
I remember one day my grandma and my great auntie Ethel
Took me there with my cousins – Victoria and Carol.
I remember going on a round-about it was going really fast…..
……….and yes I fell off “Bump!”
Had to go to the hospital and have a few stitches in my head
They kept me in for observation
Mum and Dad came to visit me and after that day
I never went back on a roundabout ever again.
My grandma was ever so upset about the accident and Peter Pans is no
Longer there as it got destroyed by vandals
Putting broken glass into the sandpit etc.
What they do have is a soft water play area for the little ones.

Royal Pavillion
It is lovely. It is like a park.  It is getting very, very busy in summer.
They have a band in there that plays every Sunday, it is very nice.
Everybody sits there and is having a coffee and tea and also ice cream and cake
I went there with my mum and my auntie
We walk there and my mum pushed my chair
We have been there all day it was nice and hot.
We meet our friends my mum took pictures
My mum and Auntie had tea and coffee and
I had a milkshake.
My mum and Auntie had a cake,
It was lemon cake and my friend had chocolate cake
It brings back memories when I go there.  I remember my mum.
One day my Grandma came to have a cup of tea
She likes it there, she watches all the people.
She is enjoying herself; she doesn’t want to go home.
Everybody knows her and they all ask her “How are you?”
She sits there like the Queen Mother
Her birthday is in May
I miss her very, very much
She was my angel in my life
God bless you forever

Carnations and Roses
Gwen brought me a bouquet of white roses and baby carnations
They are lovely
It brightened my day
I love my aunt
She is very kind
She is like my mum.  She was devoted to my mum
She came down everyday to see her.  She was my mothers carer.
But she didn’t get paid for it.
She did it out of love and devotion.  She was dedicated to her.
When my mum died she couldn’t get over it.  She told me it was like her right arm had been cut off.
She was at the funeral
My brother helped her get over it as did Carol and Sue
They were a big help.

Stanley Deason
This used to be the local high school
For children who lived locally.
It was named after the man who ran it
My carer went there and it used to have nearly a
Thousand pupils and a waiting list, over the years the numbers
Dwindled and they closed it, it is now a college
But once upon a time Stanley Deason was
The school that ROCKED!!!
“Happy days” were had by all there.

Churchill Square
There used to be an upper and lower floor
All open air, there was a large Tesco  store
Bang in the middle and around it were shops like
Bejam, bakers etc
Because it wasn’t closed in there used to be
Hundreds of pigeons flying around and pooping
Everywhere – this all got demolished and in its place
They built a new undercover shopping mall
Much more modern than the last one –
But I personally preferred the retro 60’s style.

Poole Valley
I remember this part of the town as
Being a bus depot, it had a tram
Which was used late at night
There was a lady conductor who used to work on it
This was Poole valley though I never understood where
The name comes from
All I know is it is always cold and breezy there
My mum took me there from when I was a baby.

Lewes Road
There used to be a hairdressers on my corner
My mum used to have her hair done there every week
Carole worked in there – she wanted to be a hairdresser
It was her first job.
And my cousin worked in there as well
She’s in Dover now and married to a policeman.
There was a sweetshop by co-op
There was a butchers for many years
There was a fish and chip shop, it was nice at first
But an Indian took over and it was then horrible.
By Elm Grove there was a furniture shop
But I can’t remember what it was called.
There was a second hand television shop.
The karate Hall was for girl guides, Brownies
And Cubs back then.
I used to watch them because I was a girl guide.
One day a lady took me out there to watch.
She asked if I’d like to watch every week
And I said yes, but not in the winter.
She was very kind to me.

I Remember
I remember Brighton races
We went to it one day, it was packed
We couldn’t move up there.
And I remember on Bank Holiday Monday they
Always had a market.
I remember spending hours there
There were always loads of people.
My mum and Aunty Gwen, me, Carole and Sue
Went once and we lost Carol and Sue.
We didn’t know where they were,
We waited and waited.
Aunty Gwen was getting worried
They were both only young
We asked their friends where they were
Turns out they were by the hotdog stand buying hotdogs.
Aunty Gwen said “we’ve been looking for you two!”
They said “We’re sorry, we were just buying hotdogs”.

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