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BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel

By John Riches

BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel

'Alt-Brighton' was the working title of a collaborative project funded by Arts Council England.

Inspired by Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot- an adviser on the project - QueenSpark used the history of Brighton & Hove as the starting point for a fictional graphic novel launched on 2 October 2013 at Community Base. A launch that proved more dramatic than QueenSpark Books could have predicted when the Mayor and all other attendees were evacuated from the building!

BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel is not only a tribute to the unique history of the city but to the writers and artists who contributed their time and skills. And the professional mentors who paired them up to create the fourteen fantastical tales featured along with their accompanying historical notes. Hear from editor Tim Pilcher and writer Jim Holland about getting involved with the project.

QueenSpark Books would also like to thank Bryan Talbot who designed the cover and wrote the Foreword and all those who supported our Kickstarter to help make the book more glossy. 

Watch an animated video promoting the book, created by Angie Thomas, here.

To secure your copy of the novel, click here.

Graphic Brighton, a day of comics and graphic novels by local writers, artists and publisher, was hosted by the University of Brighton on Saturday 24 May 2014.

A panel including a number of contributors to QueenSpark’s BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel opened the day by considering the comics community in Brighton. The rest of the day featured panel talks, interviews, presentations, workshops and critical reading sessions. Speakers included Hannah Berry, Paul Collicutt, John Higgins, David Lloyd, Tim Pilcher, Chris Riddell, Nicola Streeten and many more.

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Having been involved with previous QueenSpark publications it has been a pleasure to work with a very talented team of writers/artists on their latest and most ambitious too date - Brighton-The Graphic Novel. A wonderful launch and a classy must have book.

From Robin Tulley
03.10.2013 15:27:50

Hi, I'm one of the people who backed the Brighton Graphic Novel on Kickstarter - really looking forward to seeing the finished article. My donation included an invitation to attend the launch night which happens to coincide with my birthday and so I was hoping to be able to bring my wife to the launch event. Otherwise I face the choice of not coming to the launch, which would be a huge disappointment but not as large a disappointment as the certain death I'd face by spending my birthday without her indoors. I hope you can help! Many thanks, Sean

From Sean
22.07.2013 22:15:25


Huge congratulations on The Graphic Novel. It looks wonderful, and I am sure it will be a huge hit.

If you are doing it again, I would like to "climb on board"!

Can I just blow my own trumpet a little, to see if my work interests you for the future?

One of your Graphic Novel contributors, Rosanna Lowe, came to see my 3 plays in the Brighton Fringe (all based on Brighton's past) and encouraged me to get in touch.

The 3 plays are:

"The Well" (based on the Woodingdean Well, deepest hand dug well in world)

"The Silent Stream" (about the Prince Regent, The Wellesbourne stream, and The Pavilion)( and Shortlisted Best New Play Brighton Fringe 2013)


"Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore"

Rosanna said:
"I saw all three shows and really loved them. I thought the writing was brilliant - visceral and beautiful - and so rich in ideas, images and wordplay. It felt like real heart and soulwork. I loved the mix of the historical and the mystical and the way the three plays interlinked - really clever. They'd make a brilliant novel too, I thought, - sort of time travel magic realist Dickens. And to manage to do three plays all at once - all credit to you! Hope you get some joy from New Writing South again this year - you deserve it!"

I also had some warm feedback (Re: The Silent Stream) from Simon Jenner at Waterloo Press:
"...so thrilled with your play and performance. The trilogy... is a compelling alternative history, as valid as any series of plays about a city or town in recent years... I don't think there's a more imaginative take on Brighton anywhere. Your acting was inimitable,,,,, one could imagine these plays at the Royal Court..... your writing and acting really deserves a central presence..... it was mesmerising. Each of your theatrical works is becoming an event." Simon Jenner, Waterloo Press.

Also... last toot on the trumpet....Last Year I was Winner, Best New Play Brighton Frnge 2012....

Anyway... I thought I would say hello, and ask that if anything I am doing interests you, you get in touch.

Warm wishes for the launch of the Graphic Novel.

All the best,


From Jonathan Brown
30.05.2013 09:30:27
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