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Keeping Memories

By Stella Cardus

Keeping Memories

Recent QueenSpark publications have featured the different communities that have made Brighton & Hove their home.

For example, 'Missing the Nile' (2005) which examines the customs and culture of the Sudanese community living in the Brighton & Hove area and 'Bangla Brighton' (2006), a series of moving accounts of life on the South coast.

'Keeping Memories' is in the same genre although it is not strictly speaking a QueenSpark Book. In keeping with our ethos of covering lesser heard voices and stories, QueenSpark has helped the Brighton-based Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation (rYico) to publish this rich, important and thoroughly human book.

A collection of memories, photographs, paintings and poems, Keeping Memories is the culmination of a Heritage Lottery funded project initiated by rYico in which members of the Rwandan diaspora who have settled in the UK commemorate the past and celebrate a positive future for Rwandans. Some of the contributors live in the Brighton area, others now reside in other places. All have compelling stories to tell not only of the 1994 Rwandan genocide but of their move to and impressions of the UK.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will largely go to rYico which works to support and empower vulnerable young people in Rwanda as well as raise awareness of Rwanda in the UK. However, by buying the book, you will also be contributing to QueenSpark Books general funds and helping to make publishing partnerships such as this possible.

This page was amended on 12/04/2013
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