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Like Eddie Izzard?

By Maeve Devine

Like Eddie Izzard?

PHOTOGRAPH by Sharon Kilgannon, Alonglines.com

I remember my mum and dad sitting me down when I was seventeen. I was dripping in eye shadow and like tiny little t-shirts with no sleeves and stuff, and they were like “Are you gay?”

And I was like “No,” because I didn’t feel like I was gay, but I didn’t know what it was that I was. And I think Eddie Izzard, my parents thought he was hilarious, so I had that on my side, and I could just say “Well, I’m like Eddie Izzard, you know, I like to dress like this” and they were like “Okay”. My mum and dad are just really pleased that I’ve nailed what’s been wrong with me. My mum actually said, “I’m so pleased that you’ve found what it is. We’ve been watching you for years. We haven’t been able to fathom what the problem’s been and we were worried that we were going to lose you,” which broke my heart.

They can see that I’m being authentic with what I’m doing. I’ve heard so many stories about people’s parents and families just not supporting them and I think it’s absolutely fucked up. I know that I’m lucky because my parents do, but I’ve also put time in as well, you know, it’s not just like “Bam”; it’s been a two-way process for a long, long time. The people who are closest to me I think can just see that I’m making the right decision here. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.


This is Maeve's testimony in Chapter Two (Background, childhood, family, parenting, friends, school) of the ground-breaking Brighton Trans*formed book.

To read more intimate, heart-breaking and heart-warming stories from transgender people, click here.

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Like Eddie Izzard?Like Eddie Izzard?
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