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A Visit to The Keep with the Graphic War team

By Sarah Hutchings

A Visit to The Keep with the Graphic War team

Isilda Almeida-Harvey and the team at The Keep did a great job of showing our young volunteers round and explaining how material could be accessed at The Keep. Several of the volunteers have expressed a desire to make return trips there to help with their WWI research.

Dr Sam Carroll and Dr Chris Kempshall led a really interesting session following our tour round The Keep. It gave our young creatives a lot to think about and was a welcome alternative to some of the more well known WWI stories they may have heard before. We are hoping these alternative stories may find their way into some of the narratives our young writers are working on.

QueenSpark would like to thank Gateways to the First World War for supporting this visit and talk.

Gateways to the First World War


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A Visit to The Keep with the Graphic War teamA Visit to The Keep with the Graphic War team
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