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Simon Brown

Hello...i have a sense of pride to include myself in here....

Simon SimonFrom time to time i put pen to paper or finger to keyboard in a flurry of creative mania. Sometimes the process is less hasty. At times I read back to myself and say 'wow...i'm impressed.' Other times, i think....'what on earth have I been doing and why have i written that? I hope you will find my linguistic biscuits and discursive grenades interesting.
The crossroads The crossroads The paradoxical truth?The paradoxical truth?
A Travelers TaleA Travelers TaleThe populace of the metropolisThe populace of the metropolis
Enter thy queen with wilful abandonmentEnter thy queen with wilful abandonmentThe Archetypal Disciple  The Archetypal Disciple
The Transpersonal Christmas CatThe Transpersonal Christmas Cat 
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