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Brighton & Hove History Books in print

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Here you can find all of our current books which we have in stock.

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price: £12
Brighton Trans*formed
Author(s) Sabah, Alice Denny, Nick, Ludo Foster, Fox Fisher, Sam Hall, Darcy Heston, Cass Hoskins, Ben, Ruth Rose, Joanna Rowland-Stuart, Sarah Savage, E-J Scott, Stephanie Scott, Rory Finn, Edward, Rebecca Williams, Gloria, Maeve Devine, Luc Raesmith, Reuben, Ezekiel, Eli, Michelle Steele and Kim Curran (Interviewees and Interviewers).
Trans identities are often neglected, re-written or even erased from formal histories. Brighton Trans*formed features, in their own words, the rich variety of Trans lives in Brighton & Hove today; it preserves previously untold stories for future generations, and is a much-needed exploration into the diversity of gender expression within the city.

price: £15.99
BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel
Author(s) Jim Holland (art, Chris Hagan); Jon Sapsed (art, Pete Katz); Rosanna Lowe (art, Ottile Hainsworth; Rob Simpson (art, Jaime Huxtable); Jules Craig (art, Rob Simpson); Tim Pilcher (art, Maria Parra); Dr David Bramwell (art, Aneurin Wright); Robin Tulley (art, Kathryn Miller); Tom Johnstone (art, Joe Blann); Tom Harrop (art, Iain Buchanan); Mark Pembrey (art, Adam Moore); Glenn Stevens (art, Emilie Majarian and Collette Tarbuck); Jonathan Stearn (art, Paul Stapleton) and Ottilie Hainsworth (art, Salka)

With nearly 300 years of history, twenty eight writers and artists, and fourteen fantastical tales featuring unheralded characters and true events from the city’s fascinating history, Brighton:The Graphic Novel is a unique collaborative collection. Featuring pioneering drag queens, doomed pleasure gardens, smugglers, arsonists, obsessed inventors, aspiring actors, corrupt policemen, cantankerous barbers, sea swimmers, hands of death and mysterious sea forces, the stories – complete with historical footnotes – will ensure that you never look at Brighton in the same way again... As Bryan Talbot, 2013 Costa Biography Award winner, says: "This is an original anthology of entertaining and intriguing tales, at times funny, chilling and poignant - a mixture of fact and fantasy, told in a wide and refreshing gamut of illustrative styles, but all firmly rooted in the history and culture of Brighton.”

price: £8.99
Keeping Memories
Rwandans in the UK
Author(s) Abdou, Appolinaire, Bosco, Beatrice, Jacob James, Leonard, Louise, Medy, Michael and Patrice

Although not strictly a QueenSpark Book, Keeping Memories is in the same genre as Missing the Nile and Bangla Brighton and in keeping with our ethos of covering lesser heard voices and stories. It features memories, photographs, paintings and poems from members of the Rwandan diaspora who have settled in Brighton and the wider UK in which they commemorate the past and celebrate a positive future for Rwandans. The culmination of a project initiated by the Brighton-based Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation (rYico), the book does not attempt to present a cohesive history, an academic analysis or an argument. Rather, by offering the reader a tapestry of personal stories, it emphasises the importance of learning directly from individual experiences to gain understandings of large-scale, complex events.

price: £9.99
The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection II
Volume II
Author(s) Various

For Volume II, we have focused on a few elements of the Brighton & Hove Photographic website – Magnum photographer Mark Power's curation; JJ Waller's collection of images taken around the closure of the Open Market; the late Leslie Whitcomb's documents of the past; and Peter Chrisp's evocative photos of shops and people in the 1980s - as well as asking QueenSpark associates to select their favourites. We hope that everybody will find something to interest them, from 'people shots' to historical artefacts, public demonstrations to quirky entertainment.

price: £9.99
The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection I
Volume I
Author(s) Various

The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection - Volume 1 is a selection of 50 images submitted by the general public for QueenSpark's online photographic collection launched in October 2011. Featuring the quirky and funny, historic and contemporary, the book is a testament to the diverse people and history of the city. It was made possible with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the generosity of local people.

price: £2.99
Teatime Tales
The Pavilion Gardens Café Interviews
Author(s) Harry Hillery, Glenn Stevens, Robin Tulley, Libdsey Tydeman, Peter Oakes, Maxine Badger, Cara Redlich, Iain Cameron Williams, Cecelia Rose, Dorian Vaughan, Karen McMillan, Rob Cohen, Roslyn Cook, Kahn Priestly and Jessica Wallace

The Pavilion Gardens Café, like the Royal Pavilion across the Gardens, is a unique Brighton institution. Throughout the last seventy years, it has offered refreshment, relaxation and a certain kind of charm to tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. The Café also attracts a fascinating clientele of local people, and it is some of their ‘Teatime Tales’ that are featured here for the very first time.

price: £2.99
Backyard Brighton
Electronic version with new photographs
Author(s) Various

Backyard Brighton, originally published in 1988, was a seminal book; produced in association with the Lewis Cohen Urban Studies Centre. The collection of photographs and reminiscences was based on material gathered by Brighton Borough Council with the intention of creating a record of houses that were scheduled for demolition during the 1930s. This electronic edition contains a new selection of photographs. The file you will receive - up to 24 hours after we get confirmation of your order - is Kindle friendly, although as it is in pdf format it can be viewed and read by anybody with Adobe Reader.

Please note that 'postage' will be added to your order - strictly speaking, this is an admin charge associated with supplying you with this very rare electronic edition of a famous book - we trust you understand. 

price: £11.99
Backstage Brighton
Theatre-going in Brighton & Hove
Author(s) Digby Beaumont, Jules Craig, Frank Flood, Barry Hewlett-Davies, Harry Hillery, Jeanne James, Laura Kayne, Matthew Lawson, Rick Martin, Glenn Stevens, Robin Tulley and Lindsey Tydeman.

In 1900 Brighton had more theatres than anywhere in the UK outside London. Backstage Brighton celebrates theatre and theatre-going in the city past and present. If you ever wondered what once stood on the site of the Brighton Centre or why the Sallis Benney is so-called, then you’ll be enthralled by the book’s fascinating journey through the history and heritage of Brighton & Hove’s many theatrical venues. 'The Grand was cheaper and more working class than the Theatre Royal. You could get a seat and entertainment for about a shilling. There were about 300 seats, and there were some real characters playing there, like Max Miller. The most expensive seat was one and six, but up in the gallery used to be nine pence. All the yobs used to go up there because it was so cheap. They used to throw sweet wrappers and everything down on people.' Bill Richards (Local resident)

price: £11.99
Back Row Brighton
Cinema-going in Brighton & Hove
Author(s) Amy Riley, Martin Payne and Frank Flood.

Back Row Brighton transports us back to the heyday of cinema-going in the company of those who were there. Alongside evocative archive photographs, names such as the Astoria, the Granada, the Continentale and the Regency are recalled in touching and humorous stories of romance, excitement, grandeur and, occasionally, fleas. Some of these recollections are drawn from QueenSpark's rich archive, others are the recorded reminiscenses of elders of the city asked to recall cinema-going in Brighton & Hove in the 1930s and 1960s.

price: £1.99
Brighton at War
QueenSpark Calendar 2009
Author(s) QueenSpark Books

This evocative collection of photographs shows Brighton during the WWII. Kindly reproduced here under licence from The Argus and The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove, most of these images haven’t been seen by the public for many years. From soldiers marching past the Savoy cinema in East Street to a St Paul’s Street party celebrating VE day, these photographs offer a fascinating glimpse of the city’s not too distant past.
Reduced from £8.99

 1  2  3  4    total book(s) 36
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