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Brighton & Hove History Books in print

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price: £7.99
Pebble on the Beach
Author(s) Tony Diamond

"Back in the 1950s and 60s what the man in the white coat said, stood …" Pebble on the Beach is the true story of one boy’s ability to survive. Growing up in Brighton, England, Tony was subjected to a childhood of physical and mental abuse - including electric shock treatment at the age of ten - abandoned by his family at fifteen, and sent to Australia to fend for himself. Unable to settle, wandering from place to place, he plotted his return to England, but an ill-fated attempt to stow away led to imprisonment in New Zealand and his eventual deportation. Having visited four continents, survived four brushes with death and a journey of 30,000 miles, he arrived back in England profoundly changed – but were things at home any different? To find our more about Tony and this book visit his website.

price: £3.49
Alt Future
Author(s) Josie Darling, Charli Gunn, Tony Spiers, Sharon Zink, Tim Lay, Michael Tait, Pat Bowen, S. Lewis Silverswood, Amy Riley, Robbie Smith

A companion work to Alt-History, this book is the result of a competition held to encourage people of all ages to think creatively about the city’s future. The entries were judged and edited before publication, and include a vision of text-messaging in 2045, a description of how 'Zero Tolerance' might operate on the city’s streets in the not-too-distant future, through to a sci-fi 'DownsLand Experience'…

price: £4.99
Bangla Brighton
Voices from the Bangladeshi community in Brighton
Author(s) Members of the Bengali community

Poetic and passionate, lively and lyrical, Bangla Brighton is a series of moving true life accounts of life on the South coast by Brighton and Hove's Bangladeshi community. At times heartbreaking, but always full of hope, these stories offer the reader a glimpse into a fascinating culture. As intriguing as it is informative, Bangla Brighton gives one of the lesser heard voices in our community a chance to be heard. I have visited many, many areas, many places but finally Brighton gave me a little bit of my village life. In this sense it is my village.

price: £3.25
School Reports
Past Pupils’ Memories of St. Luke’s
Author(s) Past pupils of St. Luke’s school

This book contains reminiscences and anecdotes from past pupils who attended St. Luke’s School, in the Queens Park area of Brighton in the years between 1908 - 1983. It contains an eclectic mix of anecdotes that express both fond memories and less happy recollections of pupils’ schoolday experiences and the reality of belonging to a close-knit community. It also provides the reader with valuable first-hand accounts of the changing education system during that period, covering the First form through to the Sixth form.

price: £3.49
The Tale of a Boy Soldier
Author(s) George Parker

As a fifteen-year-old boy during World War One, George Parker single-mindedly decided to ‘fight for king and country’. This is a truthful and sincere account of life in the trenches, told with a dry sense of humour that kept George and his comrades cheerful, against the odds. George remained remarkably optimistic, despite the hard living conditions that existed at that time and the fact that he was seriously wounded in battle. His courage and determination epitomise the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming adversity and surviving traumatic times.

price: £3.98
The Church round the Corner
St. Anne’s, Kemp Town
Author(s) Maurice Packham

This intelligently written book examines the social and religious history of St. Anne’s Church, which was located in the heart of Brighton. Maurice Packman, the author, was a choirboy at St. Anne’s in the 1930s and he takes a gently humorous look at the community of his fellow worshippers. The church has been demolished, but memories of the trials and tribulations of its parishioners live on through the eyes of the author.

price: £4.99
On the Writing Trail
Short stories by QueenSpark writers
Author(s) Leila Abrahams, Ethel Akhurst, Margory Batchelor, Shirley Beckett, Sylvia Calvert, Valerie Croft, Stevie English, Valerie Goble, Margaret Howell, Keith Kennedy, Susie Mehmed, Robert J Miles, Nick Osmond, Violet Pumphrey, Sam Royce, Claire Shelton-Jones, John Tatum, Arthur Thickett, P B Thomas
This diverse anthology of short stories is a rare excursion for QueenSpark into publishing fiction. The stories explore childhood themes from an adult perspective, often in a quirky and original style. The content is entertaining, with a clear sense of humour evident throughout. The book recognises that writing fiction is part of a personal, subjective process and the stories in this collection reflect the individual experiences, ideas and inspirations of each of the writers. Through the writing process, it has allowed people who might not otherwise have classified themselves as authors to see their creativity find an outlet through the publication of this work.
Rare book

price: £1.99
Flying Sparks
Author(s) Tim Wren

This autobiography depicts the trials and tribulations experienced by a hard-working apprentice electrician, as well as documenting times of laughter and fun. Tim Wren was fourteen when he left school and started work in wartime Brighton. In time, the opportunity arose to become a full apprentice and ‘go out on the tools’. Tim’s work took him to many different places, including the Royal Pavilion, when it was converted into an army hospital for Indian soldiers and an Italian prisoner of war camp in Billingshurst, West Sussex. However, if the truth be told, Tim seemed to spend most of his working hours with his colleagues, frequenting the teashops of Brighton!

price: £1.5
Serious Intent
QueenSpark Poetry Anthology 2
Author(s) Shirley Beckett, Danny Birchall, Birdman, Ross Clifford, Ivor Colledge, Valerie Croft, Sonia Ctvrtecka, Phyllis Damonte, Debo, Philip Eley, Sophie Embury, Beryl Fenton, Gerald Fiebig, Steve Gilligan, John Greenwood, Clive Hackney, John Head, Nyk Irvin, Simon Jenner, Roger Lindsey, Julie Martin, Glyn Morrow, Helmuth Osbourne, Nick Osmond, Sam Royce, Pauline Suett, Nick Sweet, John Tatum, Tricia Turner-Savage, Arthur Thickett, Jan Walsh

Serious Intent is the second book in the QueenSpark poetry anthology. It was intended to be a sequel to Poetry, our first collection of verse, but as it developed, it became evident that there was sufficient material of great depth and scope for it to be published in its own right. It is a collection in the QueenSpark tradition of publishing new, original and varied poetry by local writers from a wide variety of backgrounds and the topics will appeal to the young and the old, the humorous and the serious. It offers an informative and accessible read for an audience that encompasses all ages and interests.

price: £8.5
Catching Stories
Voices from the Brighton Fishing Community
Author(s) Fishermen

This comprehensive account of the fishing industry documents how it has changed since the beginning of the century. At that time, fishing boats landed on the beach and the fish market was actually on the seafront. On a more personal level, Catching Stories is a living record, told in their own words, of the individuals who made up Brighton’s fishing community. Their past is remembered with humour and honesty, as are the bygone traditions and lifestyles of their families. This unique and valuable document of social and oral history reveals the details of a traditional profession in an informative and enjoyable way. Listen to 'hidden voices' that clamour to be heard!

   1  2  3  4    total book(s) 36
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