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Local Writers in the Hot Seat

These interviews with local writers were first published on The Deckchair website. This was a QueenSpark site 'About reading. About writing. About Brighton & Hove'. Sadly, the site is now confined to our archives, but much of its rich content has been incorporated into this site.
Alison MacLeodAlison MacLeod
Author of 'Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction'
Chris PalingChris Paling
Author who writes on his Brighton to London commute
Chris RiddellChris Riddell
Political cartoonist and children's book illustrator
Colin GrantColin Grant
Author of 'I & I: The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh and Wailer'
Jill HucklesbyJill Hucklesby
Author of 'Deeper than Blue'
Markus ZusakMarkus Zusak
Author of 'The Book Thief'
Nicky SingerNicky Singer
Author of 'Feather Boy'
Peter GuttridgePeter Guttridge
Author of 'No Laughing Matter'
Peter JamesPeter James
Author of 'Looking Good Dead'
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright
Author of 'You've Got Blackmail'
Sam O'ReillySam O'Reilly
Author of 'The Best Possible Taste'
Sue WalkerSue Walker
Shoreham based crime writer
Tara HanksTara Hanks
Author of 'The Mmm Girl'
Tasha HarrisonTasha Harrison
Author of 'Package Deal'
Tim LayTim Lay
Author of 'The Sewerside Chronicles'
Tony DiamondTony Diamond
Author of 'Pebble on the Beach'
William NicholsonWilliam Nicholson
Author of 'The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life'
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