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Our history

Read a chapter by chapter account of QueenSpark's history or watch our short stills based documentary made for our 40th Anniversary fundraiser.

01: Origins01: Origins
'QueenSpark' street newspaper
02: First book02: First book
'Poverty - Hardship but Happiness' (1974)
03: Personal stories03: Personal stories
Precedent for future books
04: Political themes04: Political themes
On the rocks!
05: Group authorship05: Group authorship
'Santuary' in togetherness
06: Urban records06: Urban records
Brighton in peace and at war
07: Market Books07: Market Books
Serious intent to market
08: Community focus08: Community focus
Promised land for daring hearts?
09: Local landmarks09: Local landmarks
"Oh What a Lovely Pier"
10: The Millennium10: The Millennium
Childhood recollections and anecdotes
11: Cultural diversity11: Cultural diversity
Missing home :(
12: Fiction12: Fiction
On the trail of new writing...
13: QueenSpark archive13: QueenSpark archive
Books more widely available
14: Websites14: Websites
A new direction
15: Back to basics15: Back to basics
Cinema and theatre going
16: Re-invention16: Re-invention
And 40th Anniversary celebrations!
17. Imaginative fiction17. Imaginative fiction
And the nursery is still with us!
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