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Brighton's Graphic War

Brighton's Graphic War

With support from Arts Council England, QueenSpark Books is delivering a two year WWI project in which young people (aged between 15 - 25) will create a fictional, Brighton based WWI Graphic Novel to be published in Autumn 2016.

Following on from the immense success of BRIGHTON: The Graphic Novel - which was long listed for the 2014 British Comic Awards - the WWI project will use the history of Brighton & Hove as its starting point.

It is Brighton and Hove's 100th anniversary of the Great War. This marks a moment in time where we can creatively engage young people in understanding the lives of their forebears, and the impact the War had on this city and its people. We present Brighton's Graphic War.

QueenSpark Books has been working with young people across Brighton & Hove, to produce a print and online graphic novel based on the lives of the people of Brighton & Hove up to and including the First World War. We aim to commemorate and share stories and tales of life in the city in the lead up to, during and immediately after the Great War. Watch Brighton's war stories here.

The project uses local stories and images from the period between 1900-1920 to create and tell some of the lesser known histories of the City. Material has been drawn from the archives of QueenSpark Books, Brighton & Hove Museum and The Keep, to develop creative learning through exploration of the City’s history.

See quirky images from Brighton's home front from 1914-1918 here or take a tour around the city during wartime. View local artefacts from this time including a local pass book which had to be carried by all British subjects and visitor permit books for travel were more detailed. The authorities even needed to know whether your male family members were ‘for or against His Majesty’s allies in the present war’.


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