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QueenSpark Books' Mission

Dedicated to gathering and preserving untold stories of Brighton & Hove

QueenSpark Books' Mission


Since 1972 QueenSpark Books has been dedicated to gathering, preserving and making accessible Brighton & Hove’s histories. We do this through publishing oral histories or creative responses to local history, via books, e-books, exhibitions, events, websites and other projects.


To inspire and involve residents of Brighton & Hove – particularly people who are seldom heard – to share and preserve their stories in an artful and accessible way; engaging the wider community in understanding those stories.


QueenSpark Books aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Contributing to the cultural and artistic social fabric of Brighton & Hove
  • Illuminating histories and heritage through the engagement of a broad range of residents in telling their stories
  • Better informing residents and educating them about the social histories of our city
  • Enabling volunteers to learn publishing and heritage skills
  • Connecting residents to enable a greater understanding of one another’s cultural context and histories


QueenSpark Books values:

  • The importance of sharing diverse social histories in order to facilitate greater understanding and inclusion
  • The importance of art and heritage in the creation of community identities
  • The principal of non-profit making in the sharing of people’s stories and the reinvestment of any surplus into the telling of further stories
  • The importance of engaging people and communities who are seldom heard in quality arts & heritage projects
  • A commitment to equality and diversity in our work practices and outputs


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